Gini DSLR Cages – Non Standard Threads

Gini Non-Standard CagesGini Non Standard DSLR Cage
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The very early DSLR Cages from Gini supported standard 15mm rods, and basic 1/4 x 20 threads. In the last few weeks, there's been dozens of comments regarding some major changes in his designs that no longer support Industry Standard mounts. WTF Gini? There's no real rhyme or reason, other than he might be working on future 'proprietary' accessory mounts that you'd probably have to pick up from him. So I would stay clear from any of the cages, but luckily his DSLR rigs are still the best deal for the quality and Industry Standard. (Click here to see Gini DSLR Cage Designs)

Ironic that something like this could happen, because I have had in my hands the final designs for the new PNC ( DSLR Cages. I posted an article about these cages earlier here: These new cages (industry standard of course) will have be offered in very affordable version, and one with a little more machine work and feature set.

If you're shopping for a nice quality affordable DSLR cage, you might steer clear of the Gini (non-standard) designs, and hang tight for the new PNC stuff coming out soon. Make sure to follow me on Twitter when that's announced...

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  1. Phillip

    I think he sells his rigs in whatever stage they are in R&D. So basically you are buying protoypes and must have a lot of people angry with him. In fact after watching his gear develop for 2 years I don't think he has an R&D road map.

    I like what Cinema5D said about his shoulder rig in hteir big comparison review of rigs 1.5 years ago: "This product is not mature enough to review". Having worked with pro gear from Arri, Chrosziel, Petroff, etc. for years, the only way this is acceptable is at this low price point. You have been warned.

    His rods and clamps work, that isn't hard to do; the stuff is well machined, and is heavy once all the parts are together and may not be designed by someone who works with cameras in lots of different configurations. I would never buy his follow focus.

  2. Wade

    Anybody else discovered that they are only able to purchase from Gini one time? It seems he has started blocking sellers after they purchase something to prevent them from buying again. I can't think of any logical reason for this other than to prevent resellers from buying everything and marking up his prices.

    I tried to buy a new rig from him but was unable to place a bid. 🙁

  3. Phillip

    I bought 2 of his cages during the CNY promotion. One of them is the cage in the link from Paul's post above (the H3 cage, I Think)

    Both cages came with M5 holes and one 1/4-20. and fewer holes than what was pictured, so that you can glue some rubber strips in there. Also his 15mm Rod adapter is too close to the camera, even with a manfrotto RC4 QR adapter under my GH2. It might just be a GH2 problem?

    I think this is a deliberate design change from him: outside of the USA it is very hard to source 1/4-20 screws. I lived abroad fro 10 years and would pick some up for friends everytime I came home. Now that I am back living in the USA, I see the point if you live in the USA and only want to use 1/4-20's. However, my friction arm won't mount and everyone in the world has this problem with a Gini Cage, but, has anyone tried to tap out one of those m5 holes to 1/4-20 with a $10 tap and handle from a USA hardware store?

    As a side note: His CNY sale was really no price reduction at all. He didn't offer combined shipping and when I asked for it all he did was combine the shipping and added on an extra $5, so it was more like a shipping penalty for asking. This is my second purchase from him and the second time I feel his product is not quite fully baked. I am not sure I will purchase anything for from him since he doesn't communicate and does things like he did with my combined shipping penalty.

    BUT, it is a good flexible cage (the one with 4 15mm rods, adjustable height) for the GH2 or any cam with an articulating screen.

  4. Andrew

    Just want to say Thank You Emm. I purchased the cage two minutes before reading your article and was able to cancel the purchase right afterwards.

    Thanks again, as always, cheesy cam for being a huge help.

  5. Sony? What about the whole camera industry? All the DSLR "movement" the 5Dmk11, the hacked GH1, GH2, the rigs, the whole shebang is about people refusing to accept artificial "standards" and finding creative ways to get more quality and value from the existing technology, not paying inflated prices for cameras with inferior codecs, small sensors, etc. It really depends on whether the cage is a big part of his sales. Because I bet most of his sales are in the US and Europe. Then again, the cage is only a small percentage of his business and he is a very small shop. But if word gets out and his sales decline on this product here he might reconsider. I can't imagine it is any harder to make than the cage with 5mm threads. Pity, I'll have to buy an ugly looking Chinese-made cage for now.

  6. Rob S.

    His big mistake. Even Sony with all the clout that they have fail big when trying to push through their own new standards like the memory stick and ATRAC.

  7. At a later email he said he has no plans of making that cage with 1/4"-20. Bummer. Well, there's one on Ebay made in China that actually boats "plenty of 1/4 threads". Nowhere as sexy-looking as Gini's but hey, it's got the right threaded holes. It's $130 shipped. I'm thinking a Gini basic rig with that cage on. When is yours coming out Emm?

  8. Well, Gini replied to me a few minutes ago, and he said that the holes on the "cheeseplate" cage he has now (not the one with those C-brackets that form a cage) are 5mm, not 1/4"-20. I asked him to consider making some with 1/4"-20 holes because most people here in the US would want that. We'll see what happens.

  9. I have been meaning to write about this issue for a few weeks now. I have an older 1st gen case (massive amounts of room around the camera) and I just got the new cage with the milled sides a few weeks ago. The old cage had 1/4-20 AND #10-32 holes taped, the new one has only #10-32s. I was bummed about this, but I think calling them "non standard" is a misnomer. 10-32 is a pretty common size in the US, it just doesn't match common camera accessories that are based on the tripod thread of consumer cams. #10 holes are all over a lot stuff from RED, Anton, ET, etc.

    I solved the problem by jumping on the vertical mill and making a few little cheese plates and brackets to fit my gear and then bolted them on to the cage.

  10. Hey Paul, thanks for the comments. Can you please email me or send me a link of the rig you got? I was about to buy one of this cages, and I emailed him on the 1/4-20 issue but I did not hear back from him. I guess now we know why. If I had to bet, I'd say he'll probably correct that, because he's too small a shop and the US market too vital to his business --I'm guessing the majority of his business-- to ignore it. But if the "cheese" holes in this cage are M5 and all our stuff is pretty much 1/4-20, it's time to hold off.

  11. Paul

    Unfortunately I got one of the new NON standard cages. Great price, but totally useless as it is. All of the holes in the top and bottom plates, except for the one which is for the camera, are threaded 5M .8. NOT 1/4" 20 as shown in the photographs on the ebay auction. I have no way to attach my field monitor or shotgun mic - which is the entire reason I bought the cage: To attach my field monitor and mic and not have to rely on my hot shoe.

    He seams to be totally ignorant of need for 1/4" 20 sockets. I think he is moving to a totally proprietary solution.

    So I feel a little ripped off. "Gini" has tried to work with me to correct the problem, and has been proactive about contacting me once he was aware of my problems, but nothing he as offered would help my situation. And I'd be on the hook for shipping which would be around $75. He has offered to give me a refund, if I pay to ship it back. It just doesn't make sense.

    My cage is at my local machine shop right now trying to get some new holes added and some enlarged to 1/4" 20. Hopefully the cage will remain structurally sound when they are finished with it.

    It is a real shame, 'cause if it had the 1/4" 20 holes, it would be awesome. Great build quality and great price. So go ahead and order one IF you plan on ordering everything you need from him. Do not expect your standard 1/4" or 3/8" gear to attach to one of his rigs. And do not rely on custom support - not because he does not offer it, and not because he does not try, its just that the shipping costs involved (paid by you) will make the whole thing not really the bargain it started out to be.

  12. Chase

    Big thanks! I was checking out the Gini rigs on the link you placed, an auction was ending in 2 minutes, I bought a bid and got the New Extreme 17 Follow Focus + Weight for $425. Steal of a deal, was asking $1750 buy now price!

  13. Chris

    Ive been seeing these cages on sale alot lately. Bought one myself because the price was too low to pass up, have no complaints aside from the supplied screw is much too short. Would have been pissed if I got the non standard one.

  14. the problem with drilling to enlarge those holes is that they're close to each other, and to the border of the cage
    a small mistake will ruin the cage, and even if your execution is perfect you may be seriously debilitating the structure

  15. ray trout

    A drill and a tap on any given hole in all that cheeseplate gets you there in about a minute. I have the Gini cage too. Gen 1 wasn't very well thought out, but you can work with it. Not bad for $150, when Letus/Trusmt (can you say "identical?") cages go for near $500. The newer Gini cages look to be a vast improvement, but the "old" one's fine.

  16. Florian

    Could it be possible that they come up with a mattebox-system inkluding a cage?
    I mean a affordable cage is nice...but who has ever focused on afordable and great working matteboxes?

  17. I have the cage arms from about a year ago when he first came out with them but the biggest issue I have with them is there is not enough room to use my 70-200 with its tripod ring. The camera is then to high and there is not enough height adjust ability with the base plate to use the lens. I use a Redrock Micro matte box and it doesn't line up with the cage arms width either. The new cages he offers does look a little bit taller but I'm not entirely sure.

    Here's the setup I run when I shoot surfing.

    I was able to get the height I needed by only tightening down on the lower cage arm of the Redrock cage arm, raising the rig but also compromising strength. I eventually wore the arm mount out and it ended up breaking because I was only tightening onto one rail. Any suggestions or ideas?

  18. Billybob

    Any idea when the cage will be out emm. I am looking to get one soon. I can wait a month or so if it will be out soon.

  19. J Hanna`

    Wow. That's annoying. I picked mine up around christmas for 150$ during their liquidation sale or whatever they were calling it. I can't speak to the new ones but my "old one" is great. The threads are awesome. The battery plate section works well...and you can unscrew it into pieces and add new 15mm rails. I have a 60d and took the risk that you could. I've replaced all those alen wrench needing screws with various colored twist screws. and removed a bar completely so that my flip out can work with it.

  20. I have to say this new cage he has looks mighty sexy. I have a specific camera configuration that I thought this would be perfect for and I was thinking of picking up one. Are you saying that those holes all around the cage are not 1/4 20? Or that the plate that this cage goes on is not on 15mm rods. The plate this cage goes on is the BPC-1, I asked him, and at least on the pictures it looks like it fits onto standard 15mm rods. I actually emailed him after your post, and I'm waiting for his reply.

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