They say If You Snooze, You Lose


I hate to say 'I told ya so', but....'I told ya so'. The little slider with big features that I just posted about last night is currently off the grid. Here's the original article if you've missed it:

From what I could tell, there was more than 35 sliders sold at that pretty awesome price in less than a day. Hopefully it's just that the original inventory is wiped out. (Not uncommon for popular items posted through this blog) We'll just have to wait and see when this thing resurfaces and hopefully the prices will still be affordable....

I'm hoping shipping doesn't take the slow boat so I can take it for a test drive and show you guys what it's made of. If anyone gets one before me, we're all dying to see some results.

7 thoughts on “They say If You Snooze, You Lose

  1. Leo Telles

    Dying to see you test it, i hava a indyslider and it's good to have a slider but i'm have a lot of problems with it, it's not very smooth .
    This one seems to be much better.

  2. beeber

    click on RSS for both emm's twitter and this site. (up in the browser).

    Set the RSS to show up in your email.

    boom, you get an email when emm posts something awesome.

  3. I grabbed one just after the price jumped 10 bucks. I paid for it and it said delivery by Jan 14th ... so we'll see. I will def post some footage when it comes in.

    Thanks again for the heads up.
    I have made several DIY versions of this, but am excited to see the results of this versatile rig.


  4. Jackson

    I ordered one. It hasn't shipped yet. I hope they didn't over sell and run out before they got to me! If, by some miracle, mine arrives in Oregon before anyone else's get to them, I'll put up a little video review.

  5. Rick

    I hope you are making some money off of the products you promote, because people are selling a lot of products because of you.

  6. Still a little skeptical on this product (even though I bought one). It looks like it might be a clone rather than a re-branded item, and there are some of the parts that are visibly lower quality than the Varavon version (like the "props"). Personally I will wait till I actually use it before I recommend it to friends...

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