Testing the Tiny DJI Spark Drone

Just testing out the new super tiny DJI Spark Drone. It only shoots up to 1080HD, but the quality is surprising for such a little drone. Distance is not as good as the DJI Mavic Pro, but it really handles well indoors and even with dim lighting.

Even though you can fly the new DJI Spark through hand gestures or through your Mobile phone, the Remote control is a must have. It offers longer distance and easier control. Batteries don't last very long because it's so small, so in my opinion it's worth investing in the Combo Kit. Definitely a good way to practice your Drone Pilot skills as it's easy to take around and people aren't as sensitive about it because it looks like a toy.

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4 thoughts on “Testing the Tiny DJI Spark Drone

  1. Naveen Kulkarni

    I liked the footage from DJI Spark. It was very smooth and crisp I would say. However, my personal favorite as a camera drone would be still Mavic Pro 🙂

  2. Post author

    @Duncan Craig - You're right, I think I dropped it into a 24 timeline. That's the default setting on my NLE. I think my drone setting was 30p. Anyways, if you're talking about smoother pans and tilts, you can choose 'Tripod Mode' in the DJI APP and this greatly reduces the sensitivity of the joysticks and it feels like you're controlling it in slow motion. That will offer smooth movements.

  3. Duncan Craig

    There's something wrong with the frame rate on your video.
    Maybe it's conformed wrong, or you filmed at 24 and it's playing at 30?
    Flying in a straight line or up and down is pretty easy on any platform. I'm more interested to see how smoothly you can pan and tilt with these platform. Variable speeds with soft start/stops to movement are most important to me.

  4. bohus blahut

    Honestly the only thing holding me back is that the camera only shoots HD. I'd love it if we could get a teeny bit more resolution in case I want to stabilze more in post

    I really like the Spark's consumer-oriented gesture controls, and the various other automated modes. I wish that DJI would be upfront with whether they intend on adding those abilities to the Mavic through firmware updates. So far they're tight-lipped about it. If I could get all of that consumer-oriented ease-of use of the Spark, but with the Mavic's 4K camera, that would be everything I need right now in a drone.

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