Wireless FPV Glasses for the DJI Spark Drone – Epson Moverio

An explanation of how the Epson Moverio FPV Glasses work with the DJI Spark Drone. Since the Spark remote connects to the DJI Go App via Wifi (not USB Cable), you can use the built in Wifi network of the Epson FPV Glasses to connect to the remote. And since the Moverio is just an android device, you can install the DJI Go app.

Learn-More-sm Epson Moverio BT300FPV Glasses DJI Mavic Pro Inspire, Phantom, and Spark

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4 thoughts on “Wireless FPV Glasses for the DJI Spark Drone – Epson Moverio

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    @Tim M. - Are you sure you're using the right version of the software? They have DJI Go, DJI GO4, etc. I'm not sure what 'device' you're talking about, but with the Spark it normally connects via Wifi. If you're using an OTG Cable, you need to make sure the remote and drone are connected first (green lights), and then connect the OTG Cable after. Finally launch the software. If you connect the OTG cable too soon, it will not see it is connected.

  2. I'm having trouble getting this to work. Wifi on the Epson is connected to my RC - but the Go app won't go past the 'connect your device' screens. It's connected but the app doesn't think it is so it won't open. Thoughts?

  3. Thanks very much for your videos. I really appreciate your perspective on these items. Question: Do you think the Epson BT-300FPV will work with a DJI Osmo too? I realize it connects via the DJI Go app but I can not find an example of someone connecting these devices. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.

  4. While the Epson Moverio is interesting, it's pricy!

    But this has me thinking, I should try my Parrot AR drone with my iPhone and my Glyph headset (which I kickstarted). I also have a 3DR drone that I will, at some point, attach a Pana GX85 to get some sweet footage (I've tried the GX8 and it fits on the fixed-mount, barely, with extended feet. Too bad it won't send HDMI while it records!)

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