Sale on SLR Magic 8mm Lens for Micro Four Thirds

If you're just starting out with a Micro Four Thirds camera such as a new Panasonic GH5, one of the best introductory wide angle lenses is the SLR Magic 8mm F/4. It's tiny, lightweight, rectilinear (no barrel distortion - straight lines), and accepts threaded filters.

slr magic 8mm lenssmall 8mm lens mft mount slrmagic
Learn-More-sm SLR Magic 8mm F/4 Lens

This is one of the smallest and lightest wide angle lenses for MFT that isn't a fisheye. Because you can also add standard threaded ND Filters on the SLR Magic 8mm F/4 makes it a perfect lens on a small handheld gimbal. It's also perfect to use on the DJI Inspire X5R camera or Osmo Pro. Best of all it's currently on sale via B&H (Found Here)

slr magic 8mm lens f4mft lens slr magic 8mm8mm slrmagic lens wide angle
Learn-More-sm SLR Magic 8mm F/4 Lens

[video via Youtube Michael Mills]

2 thoughts on “Sale on SLR Magic 8mm Lens for Micro Four Thirds

  1. Post author

    @Sully Cortez - Thanks for suggesting. Took a look at the review, very good info. You did mention it was one of the fastest rectilinear wide angle lenses, but there's another that's very interesting as well (but more expensive and not easily available). The Laowa 7.5mm by Venus Optics is an F/2 (seen here).

    Overall the Venus Optics might be a sharper and faster lens, but it is more expensive and not available yet. If you need something now, the SLR Magic is the go to lens and is much more affordable for people who may not use this much.

  2. Hey Cheesycam, if you haven't check out my full detailed review on the SLR Magic 8mm f/4. Maybe it'll help out some of your readers/viewers. Thanks for sharing this!

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