Teleprompter for Apple iPad

Running around to different locations on a shoot with a host is not as easy as it seems. If the host isn't nailing down lines, you're going to be reshooting much longer than expected. Teleprompters are a great way to keep your host engaged with the camera while still being able to memorize key parts of their pitch. Now that the iPad brings a bigger screen for use with exisiting software from ProPrompter (available on your iPhones too), they've created a nice lightweight sturdy setup specifically for the Apple iPad. Features also include remote sync, remote start / stop, speed up, slow down, and pause. Check out the video above from demonstrating the use of the new ProPrompter for iPad.

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Seriously speaking, i'm the type of guy who'll try before he buys. Meaning, i'm going to try my own DIY teleprompter with my iPad. This seems like a really fun project to try and tackle. Anyone else up for the challenge?

3 thoughts on “Teleprompter for Apple iPad

  1. Greg V

    You read my mind. I was thinking DIY too. Some decent lightly coated 2-way mirror, a modified Matte box (too expensive?) and some home cut sheet-metal brackets. I'm off to try it out. Can't wait to see how yours goes!

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