7th Annual SF Crawfish Boil


Yo! Big ups to Waylon from Vimeo for cutting this video!! The 7th annual San Francisco Crawfish boil was fun and the Crawfish was off the hook. The weather was sunny and in the 90's at the Marina Green (lucky day).

While there, I got to meet up with the well known San Francisco Photographer JJ Casas. He was there taking out his lady for her birthday ( Happy B-Day Cher !). More coverage of the 7th Annual San Francisco Crawfish festival can be found on JJ's blog here: https://jcasasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/06/7th-annual-sf-crawfish-boil-and-my.html

We ran around picking up some footage for the guys who put this together every year using a Canon 5D Mark II + 24-105mm IS, Canon 7D + 24mm F/1.4, Zoom H4n, & Rode Video Mic. Each of the cameras rocked the Fader ND Filters to get our shutter speeds to a manageable level while allowing us to shoot with Depth of Field. I'm not the greatest video editor, so Waylon cut up a quick one for us with his FCP skills. There will be a full cut for the event owners later.

Fader ND Filters. Gotta Get these!
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My new lens was in Full Effect the Canon 24-105mm F/4 with IS for Video stabilization while running handheld.
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Unbelievable Canon 24mm F/1.4 Lens was on the Canon 7D

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Although you don't catch much of the audio for this cut, the Zoom H4n was on site with us too.
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the Rode VideoMic was attached to the Zoom H4n.
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This furry critter was used on the Rode VideoMic to block Wind. There wasn't much wind that day. HOT!
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The Canon 5D Mark II
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The Canon EOS 7D
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5 thoughts on “7th Annual SF Crawfish Boil

  1. This is awesome my friends are the ones who put together the Crawfish boil together every year. BIG UPS to Corey from Lower Haighters for doing this every year.

  2. Waylon

    Karlo, all of my shot were on a tripod. I know Emm did a lot of handheld, so it's all combined in the final edit.

  3. I love seafood, and closest place in SOCAL to get crawfish is at The Boiling Crab, in Garden Grove. Great video, I like the raw element. I do have one question regarding image stabilization, how much of the footage had it enabled?

  4. admin

    Post author

    No it does not polarize. They do sell a singhray that has both ND and polarizer, but that's alot of cash. The benefit with a Fader is that it's 1 single ND filter that can be adjusted to various stops just by turning. Lighting changes quick, and stacking ND's is not a fast workflow. You just have to see it in person to really appreciate the speed of having a variable. Plus stacking ND's causes vignetting on wide angle lenses too. Thanks for reading the blog!

  5. is the fader ND still polarizing ? That's my problem with it. I've got ND filters, I would rather stack those then mess with polarizing filters when I don't really want to.

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