Talking Timelapse – Dan Eckert

California/Arizona Time Lapse from Dan Eckert on Vimeo.

Dan Eckert sent me a message about being able to find some cheaper LED's through the Cheesycam website that he was able to use in one of his recent Timelapse videos. Apparently Dan used the popular 126 LED lights and modified them to tripod use. I took a look at the timelapse video Dan Eckert put together, and was just blown away. Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, this timelapse video showcases some of the most amazing footage i've seen. It's not so much about catching moving clouds that we've all seen before, but more about finding appreciation for the hard work and endurance that is involved with capturing this kind of footage day after day, most of which in the desert heat. This is some amazing stuff, you've all got to see. Shot completely with still images, yet the video seems extremely fluid, and no signs of flickering. Lots of camera movement makes this a truly amazing piece. Involved in this video is a custom dolly built for train tracks, panning shots, sliding shots, and techniques with image shutter speed. It's too bad there isn't a BTS video on his road trip, as i'm sure many of us would love to see the journey involved in creating something a piece like this. Great work Dan, looking forward to seeing more! My offer to carry some gear still stands!

A bit of BTS with Dan's DIY train rail dolly. Very cool, looks pretty smooth.

7 thoughts on “Talking Timelapse – Dan Eckert

  1. Jason

    Holy crap that amazing! I'm floored!!

    Haha, I read that comment about some guy wanting to carry his equipment, not realizing it was you Emm..haha good stuff..

    Man I can't wrap my head around how he did this? All stills? how many shots is he taking per second? sheesh!

  2. Emm,..maybe you should drop Dan a line and see if he would be up for a workshop. I think we should be able to get a few people together,..enough to make it worth his while.

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