Zoom H1 Sold Out


Well, those of us who got the jump on the pre-order knew this would happen. In just one day after the extremely late official release date, the Zoom H1 is sold out from one of the largest retailers in the country - BHPHOTOVIDEO.com. The item listing now reverted back to 'pre-order' status. Amazon never even had a chance. The item on Amazon still shows for a September 8th release date. Most people, including myself should have it in by next week. I personally have ordered a total of 3, but with the pre-order list growing a little each day, I'm sure it will be a hard thing to find in stock for a while. If you're really hard up for one, check out this link to the auctions of Zoom H1 sellers who say they have it in stock. These are guys who'll buy a bunch and resell for a small profit on top of the already $99 dollars. If you're patient and still want one, you may want to get on that pre-order list BHPHOTOVIDEO.com is having right now at this link for the Zoom H1 Ultra-Portable Digital Audio Recorder.

On of the first unboxing videos to hit YouTube for the Zoom H1. It's not quite as small as I thought it would be. Just have to wait for mine.

7 thoughts on “Zoom H1 Sold Out

  1. i just got off the phone with the ebay seller linked above and they said they might get some in the beginning of the month, but aren't shipping my preorder from july...but right above them is listed a seller who says they have them in stock and are shipping immediately? blurg.

  2. vis

    I also pre-ordered from the ebay seller you linked and even emailed him/her but had no luck with a response as to when this will ship...have you heard from the ebay seller yet?

  3. I ordered this from the ebay seller you linked to but haven't gotten a shipping confirmation yet...makes me nervous 🙁

    I agree about the unboxing video, when he threw it on the table i totally cringed, but he probably wasn't expecting that much exposure and it will probably help him to refine his next unboxing video.

  4. Fabdex

    "Let's just take the thing out of the box, with my little girly hands, throw it on the table and describe the obvious content of the package".

    I like how he actually describes every little stupid thing he does.

    The only thing missing is shitty music.

    I'll skip the review.


  5. Motegi

    I agree. Somewhat clumsy. And I like how the reviewer comments on the "great audio quality" but then says that he has not used it.

    And why does he keep thrusting it closer to the camera and OUT of the plane of focus.

    That gave me no more information beyond what I already knew.

  6. Motegi

    I'm awaiting a Zoom H1 from the Amazon pre-order. I ordered mine with the accessory bundle so we'll see if the extras are worth it.

    This'll be my first handheld recorder since my days using a microcassette recorder so I'm pretty excited.

    I'll be looking forward to a formal review.

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