Cinema5D Down?


I cruise through the Cinema5D news articles periodically to see what Jared Abrams is up to. It seems for the past 2 days it's been down though. Wonder what's going on? Hopefully it will be up soon, Jared has been posting up some really cool 'Quick Take' reviews lately, something I haven't seen on that website before. I'm getting a few different messages depending on the browser that i'm trying to use to get to Cinema5D.



Possibly the system was hacked? There's a harmful warning when using Google search.

11 thoughts on “Cinema5D Down?

  1. lee T

    I got caught out the other day after visiting cinema5d.... hours trying to get rid of the false virus scanning bug. Eventually got rid by using malwarebytes, the people who do this Trojan bugging business need a good kick in the short a curlies!

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  3. Darryl B

    I was getting the same warning and proceeded to the site anyways and it killed my harddrive... laptop would no longer boot.

  4. chuckarama

    Yeah, Google at least, has detected some nasty things on their site. It would appear they've been hacked and acting as a delivery stooge for some malware; either that or they've been up to some very naughty things at Cinema5d.

    You can see that google has detected 4 trojans and 4 exploits on their pages:

    If you've visited there recently - the last few days - you may want to check into your own system's status.

  5. Yea same issue here. REDuser had this problem also at one point. Lets hope they get it fixed.

    I wish there was more legal action you could take to stop this stuff, but our legal system can not support that yet.


  6. Motegi

    I've been getting the malicious site warnings for the past week.

    Despite the warning prompts I was still able to access the site as of this morning. Now it seems to have gone down completely...

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