New Cheesycam Original Design Thingy…..


I tend to share alot of information on this blog, but there are still many things I keep under wraps. One of the new ideas i've been mapping out with is close to final design and should make things quite interesting. It will be an extremely versatile tool for budget film makers, and making traveling abroad much easier. This all came about from my own personal experiences packing and traveling into an entirely new product design. It's not as easy to DIY so this is another product that will retail at As usual tons of thought went into the design to keep things as cheap as possible for the budget film community. I have a feeling, you're all going to enjoy this next one...

9 thoughts on “New Cheesycam Original Design Thingy…..

  1. Ryan Lee

    I've been following your blog and your work. Love everything. This secret project feels like a long time coming. ha. glad you could partner up with someone else to make a good, affordable design for us budgeted kids 🙂

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