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DVEStore BlackMagic Ursa Mini 4K 4.6K RAW Video Camera DVE Store

What a surprise! While this camera is pretty tough to find right now, DVEStore.com was kind enough to lend me one of their BlackMagic Design URSA Mini Cameras. I really did enjoy the quality coming from the big URSA, but it was a beast of a camera to manage out in the field. It required a heavy duty tripod and couldn't be shouldered for very long without fatigue. The URSA MINI is less than 1/3rd the weight at just 5lbs (camera body) with a more compact form factor, so very easy to move around and travel with.

BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini Review Samples Video Demo 4K RAW 60fps 120

The most stand out feature over the BlackMagic Production 4K camera, is that the URSA MINI offers 4K RAW up to 60fps (yes 4K/60fps!) and for just $2995 (here). That's cheaper than a Sony A7RII. There's additional modes for 1080 up to 120fps if you need faster. If you want even better quality, the URSA Mini 4.6K sensor will offer 4K RAW up to 80fps.

The basic package for the new URSA Mini doesn't come with the top handle, shoulder pad, extension handle, battery plate, or URSA EVF which is all options you can purchase to make a full shoulder rig camera. For now, I've had to improvise by assembling my favorite rig parts together (as seen below).

blackmagic design mini ursa 4k 4.6K cheesycam rig evf shoulder pad battery plate vmount top handle

I would say the 'core' of the rig you see above is the SHAPE C100/C300 Rig setup with the Paparazzi Top Handle + SHAPE Pro Dual Follow Focus. The long 15mm Rails are lightweight Carbon Fiber from PVGear.com. The CAME-TV Shoulder Pad is placed directly under the camera, so it's very well balanced. But when the camera sits this far back, you'll need an EVF upfront. I'm using my Cineroid Retina EVF + Loupe.

I'm using CAME-TV 15mm Handles with Rosette joints. The BlackMagic URSA Mini Remote Handle just happens to be the exact same so I was able to replace one handle with the URSA Mini Remote. Now that I have most of this put together it's time to take it out this week for some test footage. If you guys have any questions about this camera, I have one here in my hands and i'll try to answer some. Otherwise you can get more information by contacting or visiting DVEStore.com

BlackMagic Design URSA Mini 4K 4.6K RAW 80 120 fps DVEStore
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shape atomos shogun cage

Earlier this year at the NAB 2015 show in Las Vegas, SHAPE showed off a new cage system designed for the Atomos Shogun 4K Recorder / Monitor. The main cage offers several threaded mounts and important HDMI locks, and can be expanded with additional accessories such as Shape's patented Quick Adjustment Push Button Handles, Unique Monitor Mount, 15mm Offset, and Sunhood. Here's a little overview video I put together about some of these features.

If you're planning to use your Atomos Shogun to it's full potential, and want to expand outside of a basic cage, then SHAPE's clever additions will be helpful to that workflow. You can find more information about the SHAPE Cage and expansion accessories for the Atomos Shogun over at SHAPEWLB.com (click here).


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NAB 2015, SHAPE gives us an overview of two single handed pistol-grip style Gimbal stabilizers. The iSEE (for GoPro) and a larger iSEE+ designed for small DSLR or mirrorless Cameras. Each gimbal operates on two inexpensive and common Canon LP-E6 batteries, so you don't need to sit around and recharge.

So while most GoPro gimbals don't allow you to use the GoPro in it's waterproof housing, the iSEE is designed for this. Other systems will probably not recommend using gimbals under wet conditions, but SHAPE doesn't seem to have any issues getting their iSEE gimbal wet as seen in the video below.

So if you're looking for a gimbal for any type of water or snowboarding activities, the iSEE may be a good choice. The decision for sticking to a 2-Axis system over a 3-Axis may be for the immediate responsiveness allowing for fast tracking and panning specifically needed in sports. For more information about SHAPE and the iSEE & iSEE+ Gimbal stabilizers, check out their website https://SHAPEWLB.com

isee gimbal shape shape isee plus gimbal stabilizer
find-price-button SHAPE iSEE / iSEE+ Gimbal Stabilizers

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Over at NAB 2014 I stopped at the SHAPE booth to talk with Kirk Neff. I admit there's a bit of brown nosing on my end, but if you ever get the chance to chat with Kirk, it's inspiring to hear about the equipment (or lack of) he chooses to work with. He's a down-to-earth shooter not obsessed with RAW video or 4K cameras. No need for external HDMI ProRes recorders or 'Cine Style' lenses. His workflow is about being fast and functional with minimal gear.

I've got a lot of respect for this guy, as he's out there traveling the world, shooting long content news / documentary pieces for broadcast television and winning awards that are shot entirely from Nikon D800 DSLR cameras with Nikon auto focus lenses. So it's interesting to see the bundle that he decided to put together with SHAPE, and the pieces he personally feels are important for getting the job done.

Sold as a complete bundle so you don't need to fiddle, the Kirk Neff 2.0 Rig comes with an oversized DSLR Video Cage 2.0 with Quick release base, adjustable SHAPE shoulder rig, mini composite Shoulder Pad, Rear back pad, 'Swing Away' Matte Box with (2) 4x4 rotating filter trays, Telescopic push-button Adjustable Handles (Arri rossette), Follow Focus with both friction wheel and Gear, and on the website it also shows the expensive Cineroid EVF4RVW with Retina Display as part of this bundle. I'm sure i'm missing a few items, but you can find out more about this entire Kirk Neff 2.0 Shoulder Rig Kit over at the SHAPEWLB.com website (click here).

SHAPE DSLRKNOS20 PRODUCT PICTURE 640X480-v1_180x101SHAPE HAND12SH PRODUCT PICTURE 640X480-v1_180x101SHPAD3-640X480-v1_180x101SHAPE NEW MB4X4KIT-640x480-v1_180x101Cineroid-EVF-4rvw 640x480-v1_180x101FFCLIC-Aluminum gear-v1_180x101100729-001-v1_180x101SHAPE KIRKNEFF PRODUCT PICTURE 640x480-v1_285x160
find-price-button SHAPE Kirk Neff 2.0 DSLR Video Shoulder Rig Bundle

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As companies introduce new products during the NAB Show, you can pick up a sense of coming trends. Active stabilized gimbals were very prominent at the 2014 NAB show, and Shape has introduced a few gimbal stabilized products. One handheld stabilizer is dedicated for GoPro Hero, iPhone, or small cameras, and another iSEE II product is combining this technology with a Shoulder Rig Stabilizer.

More information about the Shape iSEE II DSLR Gimbal Shoulder Mount can be found at the SHAPEWLB.com website.

SHAPE ISEEII GIMBAL WEBSITE PICTURE 640X480-v1Shape Gimbal GoPro Hero Camera iSee
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