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So the new Freefly systems Movi Pro Gimbal basically sits inside of a Fig Rig (as seen in top left photo). If you're looking to get similar functionality with your Came-TV Gimbals, they all come w/ Quick Release Adapters so that you can mount those gimbals to just about anything. Here's a basic PVC frame you can build for your small Optimus Gimbal or Mini-3 Gimbal that can offer similar function.

DIY Gimbal Fig Rig Stabilizer  Frame
DIY Gimbal Fig Rig Stabilizer Frame

Using 1/2" PVC, the corners are made up of (2) 45 Degree elbows. Top handle is a T connector + (2) 90 Degree Elbows. The feet to keep it standing are (2) T connectors and some scrap PVC capped off. Basic bike grips used on sides and on top handle (bike grips work well on 1/2" PVC). No balance stand needed to set your gimbal down, and you still have a top handle and dual side handles. Decent for those smaller gimbal systems to allow you to hold and operate your camera as you would a Fig Rig stabilizer.


Using aluminum broom sticks and some PVC T connectors, Vimeo member Jorge comes up with a simple $5.00 dollar slider solution. Inside the PVC T connectors is a bit of felt to reduce friction and allow some smoother slides. There is a bit of movement during some of the video footage, but I think that's from the cheaper Tripod head mounted to only one set of PVC T connectors. You might get better results using 4 connectors, a wider flat base plate, and a solid Tripod head. Of course, that might run up the bill to about $15.00 dollars. I might have to say this could have more potential than the $99 dollar slider....

The good fellas over at DVRebellion.com shows how it's done using four PVC T connectors on steel rods. Check out the video below.