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We'll be working on setting up a giveaway soon for this ProAm USA Tiger Tilt Joystick Remote Controlled Motorized Pan Tilt Head soon...


A basic overview of the Dynamic Perception 3-Axis Motion Control Bundle consisting of the Stage One Plus Motorized Slider, Sapphire Pro Motorized Pan / Tilt Head, and the NMX Motion Controller. This bundle allows you to program a full 3-Axis Motion Control system through a simple iOS App (NMX Motion), or you can even add-on an optional accessory to control the NMX Controller through a Playstation Remote.

Once you enter a few bits of information for a Timelapse setup, the NMX Motion App will automatically calculate how many images will be captured, how long the Timelapse will take, and how long your final timelapse video clip will be (based on project timeline FPS). I think the stand out feature for the Stage One Plus slider is the ability to combine rails (easily) for just about any length you can imagine. The Sapphire Pro Motorized Pan Tilt head is one of the smallest 2-Axis Motion control systems which can be beneficial when packing and traveling.

If you don't mind carrying a hex tool to loosen the rail clamps (tripod supports), you can break the entire system down to as little as 21" inches, which will allow you to fit it into common Carry-On Sized Luggage if you choose to fly or pack it into a smaller BackPack. If you want more information about Dynamic Perception equipment, check out the website at https://dynamicperception.com (link).

Learn-More-sm Dynamic Perception Stage One Plus Sapphire Pro NMX Motion Controller


Until you have it in your hands, it's hard to really grasp the concept of the Motorroid Universal Motorized Kit. Typically it is designed to motorize just about any Video Camera Slider on the market. Now, the more I use it, the more random ideas I have of how to incorporate it into simple dynamic camera movements.


Here's a couple of DIY projects (video below) using the Varavon Motorroid Kit in ways it was never intended to be used. Don't take the build quality on these DIY projects too seriously, it was something I whipped up in a matter of minutes to show proof of concept of what can be achieved.

The basic parts comprise of a strong motor and a pulley on the opposite side that can be attached with one bolt (or screw). When used with a cog belt, the system is strong enough to lift a good amount of weight completely vertically. For use with projects that don't need to pull heavy weights like my DIY Motorized Track Dolly or DIY Motorized Jib Crane, simple twine or rope will work just as well. I'm exaggerating with this large Jib, but don't forget about all those Carbon Fiber Mini Video Jibs (found here) which would be fun to motorize for travel projects.

Aviator Travel Jib Crane Mini
Read: Mini Travel Jib Article

Finally when the Time Lapse Control unit becomes available for this Motorroid kit, it will really open up some interesting possibilities for very smooth and consistent motion control projects. Even on my best day, I don't think I can perform a very slow Crane up movement for several minutes straight with one consistent speed.

Now i'm sure some of you will ask about the track dolly, so if you're looking for a Video Tripod Track Dolly, the only thing I can suggest is GO with the FAT WHEELS -not those thin roller blade type wheels.


Typcially all the high end professional tripod track dolly systems always use the fat skate wheels NOT the thin rollerblade wheels, and there is a performance difference. Here's a link to a bunch of Video Tripod Track Dollies over on eBay (found here)

Tripod Track Dolly VideoVideo Tripod Track Dolly
find-price-button Video Tripod Track Dolly Caster Wheels

So what's next? Maybe pull a wheeled dolly (Pico Dolly) across the garage floor instead of laying down tracks, or pull a GoPro on a cable cam setup across the park (I may try this one). Hopefully this opens up some ideas for what these new tools can do to add interesting movement to your footage. You can find the Varavon Motorroid Kits following via eBay (click here)

find-price-button Varavon Motorroid Universal Motorized Upgrade Kit

Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 7.01.49 AM
Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 7.01.39 AM

If you're not already part of the Servo City newsletter, there's a sale on select motorized Pan & Tilt Heads.

PT-2100 (super-duty) Reg: $1499.99 Sale Price: $1274.99
SPT50 (Micro) Reg: $19.99 Sale Price: $16.99
SPT100 (Small) Reg: $19.99 Sale Price: $16.99
SPT200 (Great for Go-Pro) Reg: $45.99 Sale Price: $38.99


Here's a very quick introduction on the parts that come with the new Servo City MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt System. The complete kit is already assemebled for approx $650 US dollars. To start operating, you plug in a 12V DC power supply into a joystick remote. Either use the included AC wall adapter, or use your own battery. All power and controls are sent over a single CAT6 cabling to the head unit - couldn't be easier. From the remote you can adjust max speed for the Pan and Tilt individually. The Joystick remote can also control speed depending on how far you maneuver the joystick. There is some noise at the highest speed, but when slowing down the movements the noise is greatly reduced.

MPT1100 Motorized Pan Head Tilt VideoMPT1100 Servo City Pan Head

Right now the design supports mounting to a 90mm bowl found on some jibs. I'll have to ask them about some of the more common smaller jibs that mount 1/4-20 direct to cameras or 3/8" Fluid heads. If you didn't catch the second 'auxiliary' input on the controller, this will support future upgrades to control other items. I believe they are working on motorized remote Zoom and Focus controls through this system. There's also a link on the product page to the User Manual PDF File. I suggest taking a look at this also. You can find out more about the ServoCity.com MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt system over at the product page (Click Here).

Servo City Pan Tilt HeadServo city Motorized Pan Tilt
find-price-button ServoCity.com MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt System

find-price-button Tekkeon MP3450i 5-12V Battery Pack


Not long ago I quickly showed a new motorized Joystick controlled Pan & Tilt head from ServoCity.com. This was a product they were working on for a little while and I know many of you were already communicating with ServoCity.com about this. At the time I only had a prototype here and they were only a few days away from a final product. So I decided to wait until I received the final unit before mounting it to my Jib and testing everything out. The final product should arrive (maybe this week), but in the meantime they have already listed the unit on their website as the MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt System and it looks like it includes everything you need to power up and control the head (found here).

find-price-button ServoCity Pan & Tilt System MPT1100-SS