Servo City Pan Tilt MPT1100-SS

Not long ago I quickly showed a new motorized Joystick controlled Pan & Tilt head from This was a product they were working on for a little while and I know many of you were already communicating with about this. At the time I only had a prototype here and they were only a few days away from a final product. So I decided to wait until I received the final unit before mounting it to my Jib and testing everything out. The final product should arrive (maybe this week), but in the meantime they have already listed the unit on their website as the MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt System and it looks like it includes everything you need to power up and control the head (found here).

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Steven -
    1. There are two dials on the controller. That controls the speed of Pan and speed of Tilt motors.
    2. The camera does not ramp down to a stop or ramp up to movement. You can control the speed of stopping and starting by the joystick control. The more you push the joystick the faster it will move. With the dials you can set Max or Min speed overall.
    3. I have a video showing slowest pan and tilt (up soon).
    4. There is motor noise at highest speed. When adjusted to the slowest speed, the noise is greatly reduced.
    5. Build quality is all metal gears and all metal frame. Keep in mind the frame is still designed only to carry a certain amount of weight. I found my Canon 5D Mark II with 24-105mm was not a problem on it.

  2. Steven

    Thanks Emm!

    Some people have asked me...
    1. What do the extra knobs do on the controller
    2. How smooth does the camera start and stop
    3. Speed of pan/tilt (slow & fast)
    4. Motor noise
    5. Build quality


  3. Peter,
    We'll have some pictures of the jib mounting kit up soon so you can see it in use. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email [email protected], they are pretty quick to respond.

    The MPT1100-SS Open Loop system has always been $649.99. The system you are probably thinking of is the PT-785S Closed Loop Pan & Tilt Head, it is $349.99.


  4. Joshua S. Lawrence

    That wasn't the same price that I saw when I looked at it last week. Before it was under $400. What happened?

  5. Hi and Will MPT1100-SS pan and tilt system work with an HVX200A. The camera is about 5.8 pounds to 7 pounds camera Will it work??? When will there be a video test MPT1100-SS pan and tilt system I will like see one?

  6. Hi and Will MPT1100-SS pan and tilt system work with an HVX200A. the camera is about 5.8 pounds to 7 pounds camera Will it work???

  7. Peter Chaney

    @Emm - I was hoping for someone from Servo City to chime in or someone that had a little bit of knowledge about the close loop system because they have the same baseplate. Its 4th of July and I'm sure nobody is checking email so I will wait until everyone returns also I sent them an email. I'm 99% sure I will buy the system I just wanna make sure it works with my jib.

  8. Emm

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    @Peter Chaney - This is a very very new unit and nobody has received this yet. There will be many unanswered questions until they start shipping the item.

  9. Peter Chaney

    Since nobody answered my question in the old post. How does this mount to a jib with a 75/100 bowl mount? I see the the "Jib Mountig kit" for $5.99 but I don't know how I'd trust it to hold the head and camera.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Sonny - The remote takes 12V DC in (that's the AC adapter that's included) but you can use a portable battery to power the remote. A single CAT6 ethernet cable runs from the remote all the way to the pan head and sends power through the CAT6, while also controlling Pan & Tilt. The dials on the remote allow you to control the speed of each movement. There's also some other options for future upgrades they are working on so from the remote you will be able to Pan / Tilt and control servos to the camera lens for Zoom and IRIS (focus). Lots of good stuff from this kit that they are working on.

  11. Diesel

    All inclusive so I guess the price point isn't too bad considering the additional need for other parts when purchasing the 1st version.

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