Dynamic Perception Stage One Plus Sapphire Pro Motorized Pan Tilt NMX Motion Controller

A basic overview of the Dynamic Perception 3-Axis Motion Control Bundle consisting of the Stage One Plus Motorized Slider, Sapphire Pro Motorized Pan / Tilt Head, and the NMX Motion Controller. This bundle allows you to program a full 3-Axis Motion Control system through a simple iOS App (NMX Motion), or you can even add-on an optional accessory to control the NMX Controller through a Playstation Remote.

Once you enter a few bits of information for a Timelapse setup, the NMX Motion App will automatically calculate how many images will be captured, how long the Timelapse will take, and how long your final timelapse video clip will be (based on project timeline FPS). I think the stand out feature for the Stage One Plus slider is the ability to combine rails (easily) for just about any length you can imagine. The Sapphire Pro Motorized Pan Tilt head is one of the smallest 2-Axis Motion control systems which can be beneficial when packing and traveling.

If you don't mind carrying a hex tool to loosen the rail clamps (tripod supports), you can break the entire system down to as little as 21" inches, which will allow you to fit it into common Carry-On Sized Luggage if you choose to fly or pack it into a smaller BackPack. If you want more information about Dynamic Perception equipment, check out the website at https://dynamicperception.com (link).

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2 thoughts on “Dynamic Perception Stage One Plus Sapphire Pro Motorized Pan Tilt NMX Motion Controller

  1. Hey Emm,
    I like the Dynamic Perception gear! I had a Stage Zero a number of years ago. Do you know, or have you tried, to use the Stage One w/ Sapphire Pro to do live video?
    I'm talking about using it to set an in and out point (pan, tilt, move) with live action and repeat the shot as needed? I'm thinking about using something like this for special effects shots and double exposure style moving video.

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