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Over the last few months F&V has been slowly introducing a new line of UltraColor LED Video lights. From what I understand this will not replace the less expensive models as many of us seem to be getting along with them. Essentially the new UltraColor LED lights are built around existing popular models (z96/z180), but with LED bulbs that offer a higher CRI rating for demanding professionals.

Below are the test charts from fairly common (affordable) on-camera LED Video Lights from the video. Typically floating around a 74-76 CRI rating from the meter.

240 LED240 LED Spectrum

240 LED Video Light
find-price-button 240 Bi-Color LED Light

312 LED312 LED Spectrum

312 LED Video Light AS Bi-Color
find-price-button 312 LED Video Light

Old Z96Old Z96 Spectrum
find-price-button (generic) Z96 LED Video Light

New F&V Z96 / Z180 UltraColor LED Lights

Now here's the test charts from the new UltraColor LED Lights with ratings from 92-94. Although my tests were not conducted with accuracy (don't quote my readings), looking at the charts below these lights indeed offer higher quality CRI ratings. Visually you can see apparent differences in the red area of the spectrum compared to the previous lights.

New Z96 New Z96 Spectrum
F&V UltraColor Z96 LED Video Light

Z180 LEDZ180 LED Spectrum
F&V UltraColor Z180 LED Video Light

Like many companies who offer more affordable cameras to highly professional systems, F&V has opened up their product line. If you're happy with the quality and color from their original LED video lights, then they are happy to pass those savings on. If you're a demanding professional who requires the high quality of the new UltraColor LED Video lights, they've got you covered as well. It's always nice to have more options. For more info on these products, check out the F&V website (here).

fvlight z180 z96 UltraColor LED Video Lights
find-price-button F&V UltraColor LED Video Lighting Z180 / Z96


find-price-button R-300 LED Video Ring Light

The moment these new F&V R-300 LED Ring Lights were available to order, I quickly grabbed three of these units to build out a portable travel light kit. Since blogging about my decision to purchase these lights, there has been several questions about how efficient are these lights compared to the larger 600 LED Light Panel. So here's a quick example of the light output and spread from the R-300 in comparison to the popular 600 LED panel. (all tests are with bare LED lights - no diffusers)

Hopefully this video example provides a small idea about how practical these little lights are (for me at least) when used as an off-camera lighting kit. The results from the R-300 LED ring light when compared to the larger (and more expensive) 600 LED Light Panel are similar light output and broad diffusion. Other benefits of the F&V R-300 include smaller size (easier to pack and travel), lighter weight, and the option to battery power with inexpensive common Sony Batteries (as seen here).

These lights have only started to ship about a week ago. I just wanted to note that according to F&V, inventory on these lights are down to a small amount right now and following orders will consume inventory from the shipment next week. The R-300 LED Ring light can be found at the product page (Click Here)

find-price-button R-300 LED Video Ring Light



F&V is the company that introduced the very popular Z96 LED Video light. This year they are offering a few more affordable additions starting as low as $32 dollars to about $60 dollars. The lights can be attached together to create a larger panel, and have the unique Expandable Link System and SmartSync Control Circuit. These lights are coming in at smaller setups called the K160, K320, and K480. There's also a larger Z180, that contains 180 LED bulbs and available in 5600K or Bi-Color options.

[Update] F&V writes in and mentions that some overseas LED lights are sold by unauthorized dealers. These cheaper versions could be using LED bulbs that fail to meet export standards (basically B-Stock or less) and don't go through the same Detailed Review Process testing as their export products. Purchasing LED lights directly from F&V will guarantee the product has a Higher CRI value, greater light output, a more dependable product, and of course warranty.

You can find all the different F&V LED light panels and other accessories available at their website following the link (click here).

find-price-button F&V New Smart LED K160, K320, K480 LED Video Lighting