New F&V LED Ring Light vs 600 LED Panel Comparison

find-price-button R-300 LED Video Ring Light

The moment these new F&V R-300 LED Ring Lights were available to order, I quickly grabbed three of these units to build out a portable travel light kit. Since blogging about my decision to purchase these lights, there has been several questions about how efficient are these lights compared to the larger 600 LED Light Panel. So here's a quick example of the light output and spread from the R-300 in comparison to the popular 600 LED panel. (all tests are with bare LED lights - no diffusers)

Hopefully this video example provides a small idea about how practical these little lights are (for me at least) when used as an off-camera lighting kit. The results from the R-300 LED ring light when compared to the larger (and more expensive) 600 LED Light Panel are similar light output and broad diffusion. Other benefits of the F&V R-300 include smaller size (easier to pack and travel), lighter weight, and the option to battery power with inexpensive common Sony Batteries (as seen here).

These lights have only started to ship about a week ago. I just wanted to note that according to F&V, inventory on these lights are down to a small amount right now and following orders will consume inventory from the shipment next week. The R-300 LED Ring light can be found at the product page (Click Here)

find-price-button R-300 LED Video Ring Light

74 thoughts on “New F&V LED Ring Light vs 600 LED Panel Comparison

  1. I am just wondering how these panels compare to the newer Younguo YN 600 and 900 and the Aperture 600 and 900 bulb light panels. Similar price range. I really like the Younguo units.

  2. stephen

    FYI, 2 of these fit PERFECTLY in the standard $15 alien bees/paul c buff photo strobe case. also the batteries and adapters in the center

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Joseph - Sorry can't remember but the light stand and camera did not move. I just changed the light, so they are all exactly the same distance from backdrop.

  4. Joseph

    GREAT video Emm on the 300 LED light setup. QUESTION: For the white screen test video above, WHAT IS YOUR ISO, F/STOP and Light distance from the screen?

  5. Emm. I think the R-300s are going to be my travel lights. I just got the Linco Flora set for my studio, but I'd really rather not pack CFLs. It's $130 just for 3 Linco bags to carry them.

    Have you tested how long the R-300s last on a nice chunky Sony knock off battery? And I guess you could DYI a grid or wrap some black wrap around them to make sort of a snoot eh?

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Alain Wong - The reverse stands can fit inside a standard carry on. It fits well inside of a Pelican 1510. Here's an image of the reverse stands in the 1510 roller. You can get three stands and three lights in here if you remove some foam.

  7. Alain Wong

    @Emm Do you have a better idea of what size case would be needed?

    "@friscokid – Yes Pelican makes excellent cases, and as soon as my stands come in, i’ll better judge what size case would be needed."

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @jens - Yes it was bi-Color. I know it doesn't have the full output as the standard daylight version, but this was only for reference since most people have this light.

  9. jens

    quick question: was the 312 led a bicolour one? in case it was then only half of the led were used. but if not: then the r300 really rocks.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Leo - If they are in the same price range, I would just go with the F&V. They have a process that checks the quality of each LED bulb, and if it doesn't pass a level of color quality, it is not used. This is the reason why their LEDs have less green cast than the other products.

    If the panel was much cheaper that would be a different story, but at the same price I can vouch for the F&V.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @friscokid - Yes Pelican makes excellent cases, and as soon as my stands come in, i'll better judge what size case would be needed.

  12. friscokid

    Hey Emm,

    Thanks so much for all this info! It's so helpful in researching the overwhelming lighting options. Really.

    I'm thinkin bout 3 of these ring lights for a 3-point interview setup. I'd also prob get the reverse-fold stands you mentioned.

    Any suggestions on cases for transport/storage that'd fit the 3 ring lights, 3 stands, 3 ac adapters and a handful of sony batteries? Rosco has a pretty good case set-up that comes with their litepad kits that's a pelican roller with a few foam layers. Could be one way to go. Thoughts? Thanks!!

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  14. Emm

    Post author

    @sluggsy - If you're talking about the F&V ring light, it comes with an L-Bracket that can mount directly to a light stand. If you don't use the L-Bracket, there is a built in 1/4-20 that can connect to the light stand or other items like a hotshoe adapter or friction arm.

  15. sluggsy

    How easy is it to adapt the Studio Package light to go off-camera on to a stand or is this only possible with the Mobile Package?

  16. Nicholas

    Very insightful and helpful video. You've done so much work and research for so long, that I've come to finally decide on what will be my first constant light purchase: the r-300 LED. It is an incredible, useful product for both stills and video.

    Many thanks for your work!

  17. Anyone know how these will look when paired with a Linco CFL Softbox set up? Looking to get more light, wondering if this would be a nice combo event and studio light.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Lee - Yes that 12V battery will work. I will try an LP-E6 on the light also with an adapter I have.

  19. Lee

    Hi Emm, will this light work with the 12V DC battery you posted about awhile back, or even the LP-E6 battery (with adapter)? I don't have and don't really want to buy the Sony batteries, so if the batteries above work, it'd be great.. Thanks & sorry to bother.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @carlos - I don't suggest using them in the rain. They should be no different than flagging any other led light. Don't let the round shape confuse you.

  21. carlos

    quick question about these ring lights.. They seem they do the job in terms of portability . How easy or hard is it to control it.. Can you flag light off easily? Are they weather sealed.. can you use them in the rain?



  22. carlos

    quick question about these ring lights.. They seem they do the job in terms of portability . How easy or hard is it to control it.. Can you flag light off easily? Are they weather sealed.. can you use them in the rain?



  23. Emm

    Post author

    @Clorox - I just ordered a few of these reverse folding light stands:

    These are similar to what was included with the Rosco Light kit. They fold down shorter than other light stands so I can travel with a smaller bag. They don't get as tall, but i'm just assembling a portable travel light kit. I can report back on the quality, but you can see the same stands in this video: httpss://

  24. Clorox

    @Emm - thanks for the link to the AC adapter, just what I was looking for. Do you have any recommendations for a set of travel/budget friendly light stands?

  25. Clorox

    Thanks for all the great info on these, picked up 3 this afternoon. Could anyone point me in the direction of some low cost power supply options? I see plenty of battery solutions but can't find any recommendations for the DC jack.

  26. Leo

    What are the advantages of a set of 3 K4000 over a set of 3 R-300? I don't know which ones to buy.
    Thank you for this amazing site

  27. jonnytheloser

    My apologies Emm. I confused "Photography and Cinema" with "Foto and Video" Keep up the good work, love the site.

  28. Emm

    Post author

    @Noah - I don't have experience over the K4000 stuff, it's very new. I have seen them at the PhotoPlus convention and they are better quality than the other 600/900 lights. They have strong output and good color. Hopefully i'll get a chance to test them out, but for now the R-300 works as my LED off-camera light when using on location. I also still use the CFL lights very often.

  29. Hey Emm, Do have any experience with the K4000/K4000S 1x1? I'm tempted by their set of 3... Do you know if they are better than the 600? Do you know if they are a lot more powerful than the R-300? Or not so much? And what LED 1x1 (or equivalent if the ring light is as powerful) and from what manufacturer you would recommend? Thank you!

  30. Pops

    @Emm - not a big deal for me. But.... It would have been nice of them to make the buyer aware at time of purchase. Setting proper expectations is often half of the battle.

  31. Emm

    Post author

    @pops - sorry to hear, but that was one thing I tried to state in my article. First inventory moved quick, but they mentioned the next shipment should arrive next week. For those interested, you may want to be on that list for the next shipment.

  32. pops

    FYI: I just received an email stating my lights won't ship for 7-10 days. So consider yourself "warned".

  33. Efex

    I wish this comparison was posted a few weeks ago. I just received my 600 led that I purchased during Black Friday for $189. The 600 isn't bad but I'm digging that ring light.

  34. Emm

    Post author

    @Albert - I haven't noticed this, but if the battery is low it could cause problems like this. The way the dimmer works is different than a dimmer in a tungsten bulb. Make sure you've charged your battery completely.

  35. Emm

    Post author

    @jonnytheloser - If you're speaking to me (Emm), i'm not part of the F&V company so I can't speak on any future design plans. I'll be doing more color tests for those who need more information.

  36. jonnytheloser

    I was skepitical of this product at first when I found out you were part of the company, but the design looks very nice and the output looks surprisingly even. No deadspots in the center like I expected. I've always considered ring lights as on-camera sources but I could see this one playing off camera on a stand. I like the ease of the magnets as well. The price is also great for 2000 lux at a meter. I'm still pretty skeptical about buying LED's as I cant help but wonder what the technology will be like in 2 or 3 years. Its really, really hard to argue with that price though...
    I still have a couple of questions. Have you tested it for a magenta or green shift? How long will a typical Sony battery last at full power? It looks like theres a plastic cover over the LED's is that accurate? Do you anticipate having more diffusion and color correction options in the future or could one easily tape on some cuts? What would you guess is the output at say 3 meters? I know its a lot of questions, so if you can't get to them all no worries.

  37. Perfect timing (as usual) Emm.

    I just bought a Sony a99 and had to sell all of my Canon speedlites...been looking for something to replace that light which is good for photos and videos and just as portable...these seem like excellent compromise for hybrid work.

  38. Albert

    @emm - I just received my Ring Light and I've noticed a couple quirks:

    1) At lowest intensities, I notice some flickering
    2) If I turn the intensity knob all the way on - as in 100%, the light will go to maximum intensity but then turn off completely if I turn it too far to the right, requiring me to turn the knob back to 0%/off and then turn it back on again.

    Are you noticing these quirks with your lights? I'm going to email F&V about it today.

  39. pops

    @apostolos - I'm in the same position as you. I own a pair of 600's and 3 312's. In my mind the only reason to have LED lights is convenience and portability. From Emm's brief test it appears the 300r's do this better all while offering a softer/better diffused light.

    The 600's are still great. However, I'm always looking for ways to shrink my footprint. Therefore, if these are what I hope I'll be selling my 2 600's.

    I thought the 600's looked more green vs the 300's in this test as well.

  40. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - Yes, hopefully more people are aware of this. I posted about that delay for the 15mm rods when they began shipping httpss://

  41. Daniel

    I received my package for this light, ordered the one that was to have the 15mm rail mount. It arrived without the rail mount and when I contacted F&V they indicated they were not happy with the rail mounts that were sent from the manufacturer and have re-ordered new parts. F&V indicated that I won't get the rail mount sent to me for another two weeks.

  42. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - I will have to do some color tests, but in my experience F&V has better CRI (less green color cast) than the other non-brands. Don't expect the results to be extremely different, there are just other benefits to using the smaller R-300 lights.

  43. MProd Tahiti

    Can someone explain me how to order one but not on because the shipping cost is United Parcel Service Worldwide Express Saver $208.16

  44. Emm

    Post author

    @bkpr100 - If you need color changing lights, the R-300 does not offer this. The R-300 is bright for it's small form factor, can be used on camera as a ring light, on-camera hotshot, or on a light stand. It is a versatile little light.

  45. bkpr100

    So if you were choosing btw the R-300 and a 209AS for your first light, is the R-300 the way to go based on it's power and versatility as a run-n-gun and off-camera light?

  46. Emm

    Post author

    @NathanDavidHall - My advice is to keep the CFL lights for your studio work, and get a set of lights that you can travel with. The soft broad source that CFL lights can provide are different than what LED lighting does. I knew exactly what I wanted to replace with the R-300, but I plan to continue to shoot with CFL in the studio.

  47. Emm, I own 3 sets of the ephoto (5x60watts) soft boxes here... I like them but they are a huge pain to use on location because they don't break down well. I've been considering getting some led lights to replace them. How does the light output of the R-300 lights compare to one of the (5x60watt) soft boxes? I'm trying to figure out how many of the r-300 lights I'd need to pick up. Thanks!

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  49. Rob S.

    Emm, how does the ring light compares to the Switronix Bolt? It's a little more expensive but much smaller.

  50. Steven

    You should do another 3 point lighting video with the ring lights like you did a while back with the ePhoto 500 LED lights. That might give us a better idea on how effective the ring lights can be. Solid comparison.

  51. Lainol

    Great review. The only issue I see with the ring is the control of light, what solution can you think to that?

  52. Emm

    Post author

    @homing - I did not change exposure, and they are all 'not' the same. Only the R-300 is comparable to the 600. The 312 is much less and more 'spotty'.

  53. homing

    are you telling me that the light output of all those light are pretty much the same ? Did you change your exposure setting with each light ?

  54. Emm

    Post author

    @pops - The milk diffuser is a must when lighting people, but it will cut down a bit on the light output. Here's a fun video that was shared using the ring light directly

    I plan to use them off-camera on light stands in your basic three point setup, so it would be the same look as the larger LED panels. The benefit of course is the inexpensive batteries, lightweight, and cheaper price.

  55. pops

    wow... very impressive. Not nearly as harsh. How does it look when lighting people? Any weird color cast? Would you consider this to be a soft or diffused light?

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