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Good news and slightly not so good news for those seeking the new CN600SA LED Video Light Panels and need to have it shipped pretty quick. Previously the new version of these light panels were only available from overseas with long shipping times via eBay. For more information about these lights, check out an earlier review (found here).

Today they are available through Amazon (seen here), ships quick from USA, and currently at a sale price that's cheaper than the overseas seller. The not so good news is that the Amazon sale, does not provide the Wireless Remote dimmer that is optional for these lights. Check it out following the link (Click Here).

CN600SA LED Video LightLED 600 Video Light Lite Panel
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F&V is the company that introduced the very popular Z96 LED Video light. This year they are offering a few more affordable additions starting as low as $32 dollars to about $60 dollars. The lights can be attached together to create a larger panel, and have the unique Expandable Link System and SmartSync Control Circuit. These lights are coming in at smaller setups called the K160, K320, and K480. There's also a larger Z180, that contains 180 LED bulbs and available in 5600K or Bi-Color options.

[Update] F&V writes in and mentions that some overseas LED lights are sold by unauthorized dealers. These cheaper versions could be using LED bulbs that fail to meet export standards (basically B-Stock or less) and don't go through the same Detailed Review Process testing as their export products. Purchasing LED lights directly from F&V will guarantee the product has a Higher CRI value, greater light output, a more dependable product, and of course warranty.

You can find all the different F&V LED light panels and other accessories available at their website following the link (click here).

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