New CN600SA LED Video Lights Available Now on Amazon

Good news and slightly not so good news for those seeking the new CN600SA LED Video Light Panels and need to have it shipped pretty quick. Previously the new version of these light panels were only available from overseas with long shipping times via eBay. For more information about these lights, check out an earlier review (found here).

Today they are available through Amazon (seen here), ships quick from USA, and currently at a sale price that's cheaper than the overseas seller. The not so good news is that the Amazon sale, does not provide the Wireless Remote dimmer that is optional for these lights. Check it out following the link (Click Here).

CN600SA LED Video LightLED 600 Video Light Lite Panel
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  1. I know this is an old thread, but I finally got around to testing these lights. Like many LED lights, they have a green tint, which gets worse when dimmed, so we tested them both with and without the purple filter that comes with them. WIth the purple filter, they read at approx. 4500 kelvin, which looks much better, and is easier to dial in on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, since it has limited color temp adjustments, and you can't do a manual white balance, or even auto-balance. But if you need a lot of light, you can just use these without the filters and correct the tint in post.

    We measured these lights with a Sekonic light meter, and here's the results:

    5' - 140 footcandles
    10' - 32 footcandles

    5' - 240 footcandles
    10' - 64 footcandles

    So when used without the purple filter, these lights fall somewhere between a 300 and a 650 fresnel, I'd say it's the equivalent of about a 500w fresnel, if there was such a thing.

    Here's photometric data of popular fresnels:

    Arri 300w Plus / Mole-Richardson 300w Betweenie:
    5' - 180 footcandles
    10' - 45 footcandles

    Arri 650w Plus:
    5' - 430 footcandles
    10' - 108 footcandles

    Mole-Richardson 650w Tweenie II:
    5': 280 footcandles
    10': 78 footcandles

    I've been using these lights a lot, for interviews and shooting in dark rehearsal / recording studios, and I've been very happy with them. If I was buying now, I'd definitely go with the F&V 300 Ring Light since they're smaller, lighter, and cheaper.

    Hope this helps anyone considering buying these.


  2. HI Emm, could you power these ~600 led with 16 volts? because we can not get the Tekkeon in europe, we can but for an insane price. but can get a 16 volt battery bank. Thanks a lot for your help!

  3. Jerry

    I just received my CN600 LED light with wireless remote. It fookin awesome for the price and man it was shipped pretty fast, received it in 6 days. It's in my office and power in the power to the wall. It been runing for two hrs and the remote work JUST fine. One thing to, would been good if the remote can turn it off. Dimming it awesome, just make sure signal is not block, I tried it 20 ft away, works great.

  4. Satva

    I have a 900 and there is little green tinge, def not when you use the minus green (pink) gel. I have a flo light 500 and it has way worse green tinge, I can't use it unless I use the minus green gel, but the ephoto I can use without gel and there isn't much green at all.

  5. EPhoto Inc, the seller who has these on Amazon for $220, does not have the wireless controller, and when I inquired, he did not say whether or not he's planning to get them. I tried to buy a wireless remote set from Photolight, a Chinese seller on Ebay. Apparently their set fits the older style, the one Emm has, but it's probably the same for the new ones as well ones. Unfortunately, the guy would not sell it to me, unless I bought lights from him, so if you want to get these with the wireless controller --which would be my main reason for buying them-- the only option at this point is to buy them from other Chinese sellers, for about $300 shipped.

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  7. Here's a situation. Your butt is manning a camera during a wedding reception. Bride and groom walk in and they start their first dance. You realize the lights are too hot or too low, but you still have to man the camera. The wireless remote is pretty handy right at that moment.

  8. RyanC

    Unless in a studio setting where they are too high to reach I can't think of a time it was ever hard to walk my butt over and turn down the dial myself. Often times that can be faster than a remote.

  9. I'm thinking of picking up a couple, especially for the wireless controller. But if you buy it from the Amazon seller, is the wireless controller available by itself? Has anyone done that?

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Satva - Acutally the whole Lite Panels law suit is causing problems with LED lights on the market. Most guys are hesitant to import, export, manufacture, etc. Until that clears up with a definitive answer, inventory and future new models with be spotty...

  11. Satva

    Emm - Do you know if they plan to release any new updated 900 lights soon?

    When is P&C coming out with some LED'S!

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob S. - That is built in protection for the Tekkeon but it doesn't shut off until it's almost dead. My tests showed an hour and twenty minutes run time on full power with a 900. Should be longer with a 600.

  13. Rob S.

    Thanks for the quick reply Emm. You're always so great about responding. I heard from another blogger that the Tekkeon batteries can overheat and shut off when you run the lights at full blast continuously. Have you ever experienced that? Any failures with the Tekkeon?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob S. - I haven't fully stressed tested that solution, as I have still been using my Tekkeon battery packs. I only have one of those adapters setup right now.

  15. Rob S.

    Emm, I recall you rigged up a way to run the Sony batteries with cheap battery chargers in series. Do you still use that system and would you say that's still a good alternative?

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul Hidalgo - You would have to modify the small Sony batteries because they are only 7.2V each.

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