F&V Z180 / Z96 High CRI UltraColor LED Video Lights

Over the last few months F&V has been slowly introducing a new line of UltraColor LED Video lights. From what I understand this will not replace the less expensive models as many of us seem to be getting along with them. Essentially the new UltraColor LED lights are built around existing popular models (z96/z180), but with LED bulbs that offer a higher CRI rating for demanding professionals.

Below are the test charts from fairly common (affordable) on-camera LED Video Lights from the video. Typically floating around a 74-76 CRI rating from the meter.

240 LED240 LED Spectrum

240 LED Video Light
find-price-button 240 Bi-Color LED Light

312 LED312 LED Spectrum

312 LED Video Light AS Bi-Color
find-price-button 312 LED Video Light

Old Z96Old Z96 Spectrum
find-price-button (generic) Z96 LED Video Light

New F&V Z96 / Z180 UltraColor LED Lights

Now here's the test charts from the new UltraColor LED Lights with ratings from 92-94. Although my tests were not conducted with accuracy (don't quote my readings), looking at the charts below these lights indeed offer higher quality CRI ratings. Visually you can see apparent differences in the red area of the spectrum compared to the previous lights.

New Z96 New Z96 Spectrum
F&V UltraColor Z96 LED Video Light

Z180 LEDZ180 LED Spectrum
F&V UltraColor Z180 LED Video Light

Like many companies who offer more affordable cameras to highly professional systems, F&V has opened up their product line. If you're happy with the quality and color from their original LED video lights, then they are happy to pass those savings on. If you're a demanding professional who requires the high quality of the new UltraColor LED Video lights, they've got you covered as well. It's always nice to have more options. For more info on these products, check out the F&V website (here).

fvlight z180 z96 UltraColor LED Video Lights
find-price-button F&V UltraColor LED Video Lighting Z180 / Z96

9 thoughts on “F&V Z180 / Z96 High CRI UltraColor LED Video Lights

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @srg - I will have to test that again, but I do know that these lights have been shown at several shows over the last few months. F&V had been doing extensive tests to ensure they met higher standards. I can't imagine they would not address that issue.

  2. srg

    Is the CRI the same at low, med, and high setting on the ultra color LED? Cheaper LED's emit more green on lower settings. Thank you for your time Emm.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @srg - Yes Dracast uses high quality CRI LED bulbs also. They will both offer great color. I have not tested a side by side for diffusion and LUX.

  4. Rob S.

    Would be interesting to see how these compare to the Switronix Torch. There's actually a new one that puts out more than the old one and is more power efficient. Those are nearly half the price and put out a lot more light in bi-color mode.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Scott - Check this article: httpss://cheesycam.com/uprtek-mk350-vs-asensetek-lighting-passport-led-spectrometers/

  6. Robert

    I spoke with an F&V sales guy last week, and he said they hoped to get the UltraColor 1x1 LED panels out, "in a month or so". Not holding my breath or anything, but that would be a sweet bit of kit to have.

  7. Great review. I love it that LED tech has improved to the point that we get bi-color plus high CRI plus ultra-portable plus gangable.

    For the traveling shooter, I don't think you can beat a bag full of these lights.

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