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I'm opening up the lines here people. For some reason i'm not a fan of the name Transcend, but I really can't remember why. I must have had some really bad painful past experience that i'm mentally blocking out. I've seen these cards in several T2i's when talking to random people at some social gatherings, and well they all had good things to say.

I'm checking out the prices now which seem to be about the same on eBay or Amazon if you coun't the shipping Amazon charges. With 2,483 customer reviews averaging practically 5 stars, am I missing something? Has Transcend turn the tides into making better products? Comment people, the DSLR world want's to know...

[Update] Looks like the first few comments all say the Transcend is reliable and fast. You know how it works on this blog, once I write an article, prices will start going up. Grab it while it's cheap.


Ebay reports this is one of the top sellers for the Camera category as of today. This eBay seller with over 48,000 feedbacks and 100% user feedback on sales. This 32 GB SDHC card 'Class 6' (yes Class 6), perfect for the T2i or 550D seems to be too good to be true for just $85 bucks. But as an eBay seller with that track record, it might be worth a buy for those long gigs that go on for hours and hours and hours.....

Check out this 32GB SDHC card for the 550D or T2i. Too Good to be True?