32GB SDHC for 550D / T2i Amazing Deal?

Ebay reports this is one of the top sellers for the Camera category as of today. This eBay seller with over 48,000 feedbacks and 100% user feedback on sales. This 32 GB SDHC card 'Class 6' (yes Class 6), perfect for the T2i or 550D seems to be too good to be true for just $85 bucks. But as an eBay seller with that track record, it might be worth a buy for those long gigs that go on for hours and hours and hours.....

Check out this 32GB SDHC card for the 550D or T2i. Too Good to be True?

9 thoughts on “32GB SDHC for 550D / T2i Amazing Deal?

  1. Emm

    Post author

    If you have some serious work ahead, I would definitely go SanDisk. I haven't heard anything bad about the no-name brand though.

  2. Mike

    Ive been debating this card for sometime now, and there aren't to many posts. My decision lies on this 32gb card or getting 2 class 10 San disk extremes priced at 90 dollars each. How reliable are these? (heres the link to the san disk) Sandisk 16GB Extreme SDHC Memory Card

    So trusted name brand at 16gb vs no name 32gb

  3. John

    File sizes are getting bigger and bigger with each new generation of camera. 16GB recommendation is like the same as the 8GB and 4GB card recommendations from the past. It's a risk that everyone will have to accept. I had two 8GB Sandisk Extreme IVs fail on me last year but was lucky it wasn't for production use. I would suggest you test the card before using it in production.

    Love the blog and the DYI ideas. Especially on the Steadicam Vest/Arm with HD4000. I started flying two weeks ago. Thanks!!

  4. Craig

    Can someone please tell me, where can I get the two 16 gig cards for the price mentioned above? I like the idea of two 16's better than one 32 anyday! BTW love the blog man, SERIOUS!

  5. Hi, I heard Phillip Bloom say recently that he doesn't use or recommend anything more than 16g cards. If anything was to go wrong then that's a heap of wasted footage and time.

  6. Looks like a great deal, though you could also get two Transcend 16GBs for $72.10. Thoughts on that versus taking the additional 13 dollar plunge for this 32GB?

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