Transcend SDHC – Any Good?

I'm opening up the lines here people. For some reason i'm not a fan of the name Transcend, but I really can't remember why. I must have had some really bad painful past experience that i'm mentally blocking out. I've seen these cards in several T2i's when talking to random people at some social gatherings, and well they all had good things to say.

I'm checking out the prices now which seem to be about the same on eBay or Amazon if you coun't the shipping Amazon charges. With 2,483 customer reviews averaging practically 5 stars, am I missing something? Has Transcend turn the tides into making better products? Comment people, the DSLR world want's to know...

[Update] Looks like the first few comments all say the Transcend is reliable and fast. You know how it works on this blog, once I write an article, prices will start going up. Grab it while it's cheap.

14 thoughts on “Transcend SDHC – Any Good?

  1. Just started out shooting movies with Ti2 with Transcend SDHC 16Gb Class 10. One card been working flawless for 2 weeks. The other have failed me twice the last week.

    Pretty sure that they will replace me though.

  2. Batvamp

    I use 16gb class 6 Transcend cards and haven't had any issues. Actually I love them. My 8gb Sandisk Extreme was a waste.

  3. JJ

    bought a 16gb transcend class 6 card with my netbook roughly a year ago today to dual boot linux onto and stuff. no problems, constant use during school and the like. when i got my t2i i wiped that card, bought another 16gb transcend class 6 card, and a 8gb class 6 transcend card. i swap between all three of them at the moment. photos and videos, no problems whatsoever. but when i get a zoom h4n, im probably going to buy a 32gb transcend class 6 use that as primary, both the 16gb as secondaries, and put the 8gb in the h4n. or buy a zoom h1, 32gb microsd, and two 32gb tanscend class 6 cards. why must samson release the h1 the same week i plan on buying a h4n?!

  4. I replaced my A-DATA card after getting lots of errors when doing video on the T2i. I went with the Transcend class6 after reading a good T2i blog on The Transcend card has no problems and records video with no hassle.

  5. No problems with 16gb class 6 cards so far. Anyway, haven't bought any memory card from ebay, since i got a chinese fake one 2 years ago.

  6. I have 2 5DMkII the first one bought in Nov 08, I use 4GB, 16GB and recently 32GB transcend CF cards, I've done tons of photos and videos with no problems.

  7. I bought a 16bg Class 6 Transcend card for my T2i about a month ago for $35 dollars. Worked great until I was in the middle of paid video/photo shoot and lost 8gb worth of photos and videos of my client. The card completely burnt out and was unusable. I'm still not sure if this is due to heating issues within the T2i. I contacted transcend and sent in the card, my replacement is currently in the mail back to me. I'm going to give it another try but a bit more cautious this time.

  8. Daniel

    I have the 16gb Transcend Card in my T2i. Works wonderfully! Got it with my Zoom h4n of ebay.

  9. Allan

    I have a Transcend 32GB SDHC card with a T2i, two Transcend 64GB 400x CF cards with a 5D Mark II, and three Transcend 16GB SDHCs with an AVCHD Panasonic HMC150 (20MBit/sec, half the bitrate of the Canon h264 HDSLRs), with no issues.

  10. I use a few cards with my T2is and one of them is a 16GB Transcend Class 6 and I have never had a problem with it. I also used Transcend compact flash cards with my Sony Z7U and never had a problem with them either.

  11. I bought two Class 6 16GB Transcend SDHC cards about a month ago, eager to up my storage capacity from the lone 4GB Class 10 Sandisk Extreme card that I had bought in conjunction with my T2i. I might be a rare exception, but these cards have been proving completely unreliable for video capture - they often overheat within seconds, even in chilly indoor environments - I tested it with a bunch of other factors (battery, location, humidity, frame rates, video size), and it seems like switching to the Class 10 Sandisk is the only way to avoid this headache of an issue.

    I'll probably keep at least one of them since the extra storage is great for taking massive amounts of photos and not having to worry about conserving space. When it comes to filmmaking, though, the overheating issue starts to become a real liability, essentially making the T2i less of a tool and more of a hindrance.

  12. Tom

    I own two 16GB Class 10 Transcend SDHC cards with my T2i. I haven't had a problem yet (2 months and counting).

  13. emess

    I've been using a class 6 transcend sd card in my T2i for about 6 weeks (after seeing all the positive reviews on and it's working just peachy for me... full-size RAW, 1080p video, whatever.

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