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Youtube member Sitha Puth shares his DIY built to power a GoPro Hero3 from a Canon LP-E6 battery. Instead of powering the unit from the USB port, he's decided to craft up a power source from a Canon LP-E6 battery plate, step down converter, and GoPro dummy battery AC DC Adapter.

The build comes just in time with the new Protune 2.0 FIrmware Update packed with features that makes the GoPro Hero3+ (black edition) feel like an entirely new camera. Here's the build video.

Eventually Sitha will mount this to an inexpensive GoPro Hero Cage (he currently has on order). His build leaves access to all ports along the side of the Hero3 / Hero3+ camera so that you have full access to the Microphone input for better audio capture, or HDMI port for video output.

[Update Videos with Instructions on Build]

Here are the products in use.

AC DC Battery Adapter Kit GoPro Hero Hero3 Plus Dummy Battery
find-price-button GoPro AC DC Battery Adapter

DC Step Down Converter Voltage Step Down GoProStep Down 3.7 5V 7.4V DC Adapter Converter
find-price-button Gopro DC Step Converter


The Tekkeon battery packs i'm using can vary voltage from 5V-19V DC. You've probably seen me powering up the 600 /900 LED light panels and also the ASUS Wireless HD streaming WiCast. By using a simple coupler, I can attach it to the Canon OEM AC-E6 wall adapter dummy battery and power up the Canon DSLRs. For those who want to use this on a rig, check out the video review I did on the Tekkeon Snap Package which adds on a second battery for extra capacity, and 15mm Rig mount from CPMFilmTools (here). Bits and pieces needed for this mod found below.

find-price-button Tekkeon MyPower All Battery

find-price-button 5.5mm Female to Female DC Coupler

find-price-button Canon AC-E6 AC/DC Power Wall Adapter

This little battery mod is not exclusive to just Canon DSLRs. I know that even Panasonic GH2 cameras have a wall adapter (found here) that outputs 8.4V DC. The Tekkeon battery just happens to have that exact 8.4V setting too, making it perfect to use something like this for longer run times on the GH2. You just need the adapter that comes with the dummy battery.

find-price-button DMC-GH2 AC/DC Power Wall Adapter


lp-e6-battery (2 of 9)

I've confused myself on this one. Almost 2 years ago, I purchased a whole bunch of LP-E6 aftermarket batteries that did not display the battery meter on the cameras. I still use them today, but since I was looking to add more batteries to the collection, I was searching for the newer ones that are 'chipped' to communicate to the camera and display the proper battery meter for the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, and 60D cameras. As of now the ones that people are buying are these Maxtek LP-E6 Aftermarket Batteries.

They are indeed much cheaper than the OEM Canon ones, even with the bit of shipping padded to the cost too.

lp-e6-battery (5 of 9)

I took a chance on an eBay auction that looked to be a knock off battery, and I was confused to see an OEM package and OEM labeling. This battery looks good and looks OEM, but incredibly inexpensive with Free Shipping. In fact after Amazon shipping on the Maxtek battery, this eBay battery I received is almost $10 dollars cheaper. I'm not sure if it's Canon legit or not, but the battery looks exactly like OEM, charges with my OEM, and reads the battery information properly in all the cameras. I've taken a bunch of snaps to show you the comparison between my OEM batteries and the one I just received. The one to the right is the cheap battery I just received.

lp-e6-battery (4 of 9)

I'm seriously thinking this is the real deal and at such a great steal of a price too. Here's the link: Canon OEM? LP-E6 battery for Canon Canon 60D, Canon 7D, & 5D Mark II.



Here it is people, first images of a Canon 60D upgraded with Canon battery grip BG-E9. This thing is a bit hard to track down right now, and there's no aftermarket alternatives at the moment. This thing really threw me in a loop at first glance. I expected the Battery grip to load from the back like the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D. Not only does the Canon 60D feel so close to the 5DM2 & 7D cameras, it's also using the same LP-E6 batteries. Somehow I imagined it would have the same battery grip. Well it turns out the BG-E9 battery grip loads from the side similar to the Canon 550D / T2i using a tray to hold two batteries. This is a first for Canon to use the LP-E6 batteries into side tray.

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

Right away I loaded an aftermarket (unchipped) battery to see if the BG-E9 would reject it. Don't worry people, it likes it, and it works! Yes yes yes, the grip works with only one battery too. In the OEM box there's a case to hold the second tray which uses AA batteries, so that I can use my Eneloops. I'll take some better photos in the studio later today. If you have questions about the BG-E9 let me know, i'm sufffering a block right now and can't come up with what else you'd need to know.