Tekkeon Battery Bundle Snap Package

Here i'm showing gear from CPMCameraRigs.com. They sent over the extended capacity battery kit along with the Tekkeon Snap Package. This Snap Package provides an easy way to mount these variable voltage batteries to standard 15mm rigs. Here i'm using it with the Express35 Event rig, so that I can carry around a much more functional counterweight. Especially now that i've found a way to use the Tekkeon battery with the Asus to stream HD Video. You can find my earlier reviews on these Tekkeon packs (here), and more information about the Snap Package from CPMCameraRigs.com.

find-price-button Tekkeon Extended Battery Kit and Snap Package mount for DSLR Rigs

10 thoughts on “Tekkeon Battery Bundle Snap Package

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Pat D - For the BMCC you keep it plugged in all the time. The BMCC is designed to run from external power and use the internal for reserves.

  2. Pat D

    @Emm - Great alternative! This make me a little bit more confident about purchasing the BMPCC.
    My question is, do you plug it in while you shoot? or only during it's down time?

  3. Mike C

    Do the thread/screws on the snap pack lineup with a standard cheeseplate, or is the rod part of the package necessary? Seems like a lot of bulk for not using the railblock aspect of it.

  4. Kyle

    @ Tate N the connector is an XLR. You need to figure out which of the outside pins is positive, and which is negative, and weather it wants 12v or 14v. You can easily build your own cable using a 4pin xlr shell

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason - Yes. But some items can go a full day with fresh batteries. I would just think about powering up fast draining item.

  6. thanks for the review emm. If i was reading specs correctly, you can power one device through output and another through usb simultaneously. If, like john above asked, you were to power a whole rig with 3 devices, you would be better off getting 2 units rather than the extender pack, right?

  7. John

    What can I exactly power using the Tekkeon? I have a 5DMKII, Zoom H4N and Small HD DP4, can I power those?

  8. HDSLR Gear

    Awesome... I can just run another pair of rails off the back of my 530 shoulder mount pad and add the bundle snap pack.

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