Swivi 5.6″ External LCD Review

Just posted a few days ago, YouTube member djteebz appears to be the first with his review on the little 5.6" external LCD. The video below is an unboxing, run through of the feature menu, along with some pros and cons with the Canon 5D Mark II.

Where's my Swivi Review? Well the Swivi has a built in miniHDMI male ended cable. This connects directly to any camera with a miniHDMI port, but because of this you can't use it remotely with a long HDMI cable. So before I posted my own review I ordered a small miniHDMI female to female coupler.

female-hdmi-coupler(click image for product)

This little coupler (ideally) would allow me to use the Swivi as a remote monitor if I wanted to use it on a Jib / Crane. Well unfortunately shipping from overseas takes several weeks, and i'm still waiting. Swivi units are available on eBay (click here)

And also available on Amazon (click below)
Screen shot 2011-11-27 at 11.02.45 PMScreen shot 2011-11-27 at 11.03.05 PM
Swivi External Swivel LCD Monitor 5.6" Peaking Focus FREE sunhood included - via Amazon

23 thoughts on “Swivi 5.6″ External LCD Review

  1. No has said anything about how this great looking monitor handles the 480P output on a 5D mkII? Does the image stretch when you hit record and pop out to normal when you stop recording or does it have an auto sensing mode as the Zacuto has?

  2. Just purchased a Swivi for use with my 5D Mark iii. I have to say that the screen is only visible if you are directly in front of it. The display goes dark if you look at it from the sides. I bought it specifically for getting those high/low shots (which are hard to see on the standard 5D Mark iii LCD)... a little frustrating.

  3. Jarrett

    Thanks for the prompt reply Emm.

    Yeah its a bit hard for me to tell from pictures on the web the size relationship with the Swivi base, I love the Varavon cage and was trying to find a way to mount an LCD on the left side of the cage and then came across the swivi...

    I thought there could be a possibility of removing the varavon camera base and housing a new plate to connect the swivi. I think I'll keep hunting for an alternative...

    P.S. nice work on the 'cheese sticks':)

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Jarrett - I don't think that's going to work. The Varavon cage is a pretty snug fit to the camera body already. The Swivi has a large base and swivels to the left.

  5. Jarrett


    Would you be able to look into somehow combining the Varavon cage with this Swivi monitor. I think you have both items and would be great could look into this since I'm in Australia and no one sells the swivi here. I have the Varavon cage, and I know its specifically built for the exteranl VF but I'm interested in the Swivi as a monitor and thought it may be possible to make up a block which replaces the VF bracket and could mount the Swivi. The only problem I see from pictures of the swivi is it hitting the cage on the left side.

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  7. Clém

    Il y a un type qui les vends en France sur Montpellier, mais le prix a bien évidemment augmenté entre-temps...325 euros...
    Moins cher aux US mais ils ne livrent pas l'Europe, il est pourtant à 250 euros...

    I was saying that you're lucky if you buy from the Us because it's more expensive on the French ebay...

    From what i see (i don't have a monitor yet),
    compared to the camera lcd screen, it can only be improvement, and more accuracy, even in 800x600 px, looking at the difference in the sizes of the screens.
    My 2 cents, i'm only guessing.

    @Patrick P.
    You have all the details on the ebay auction page.

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  9. marc donahue

    one thing that bothers me is that when you hit record, the screen goes black for a second before it shows up on the screen

  10. What´s the resolution on this one? Since they don´t advertise it, I guess it´s the same as all the others in its price segment?

    I´d sure like to know, if you can really tighten it up so it won´t move, I mean so you can´t turn the cam on it.

    Emm, do a full review already! 🙂

  11. Scottrellwi

    Good to finally see a review on it. I am stll wondering what would give a noob the best chance of successfully pulling focus on a 60D. The Swivi, a 7" Lilliput, or a loupe like the Varavon or similar.

    I know someone will say, "It depens on the situation", so assume the situation is general run-n-gun with an unknown rig.

    Thanks ahead of time.

  12. He also commented that the speakers died on him. Read the comments on YouTube. He said the noise was clearly distorted. Hopefully it's an isolated case.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Fabdex - I needed a female mini and couldn't find it. Not even Amazon had one. I only found that one seller. If you can locate another coupler let me now.

  14. phat

    i get this device ,, love it really .
    only thing .

    after shooting , when you display your movie back , seem that the display zoom into the movie and its now showing entirely , annyone else notice something in the replay ?


  15. Emm

    Post author

    @damon - Shown here, there's a bit of space to fit the Rode VMP Pro 2 before mounting httpss://cheesycam.com/swivi-hdmi-lcd-canon-5dm2-battery-grip-rode-vmp/

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