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Here it is people, first images of a Canon 60D upgraded with Canon battery grip BG-E9. This thing is a bit hard to track down right now, and there's no aftermarket alternatives at the moment. This thing really threw me in a loop at first glance. I expected the Battery grip to load from the back like the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D. Not only does the Canon 60D feel so close to the 5DM2 & 7D cameras, it's also using the same LP-E6 batteries. Somehow I imagined it would have the same battery grip. Well it turns out the BG-E9 battery grip loads from the side similar to the Canon 550D / T2i using a tray to hold two batteries. This is a first for Canon to use the LP-E6 batteries into side tray.

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

Right away I loaded an aftermarket (unchipped) battery to see if the BG-E9 would reject it. Don't worry people, it likes it, and it works! Yes yes yes, the grip works with only one battery too. In the OEM box there's a case to hold the second tray which uses AA batteries, so that I can use my Eneloops. I'll take some better photos in the studio later today. If you have questions about the BG-E9 let me know, i'm sufffering a block right now and can't come up with what else you'd need to know.