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I'm more of a Roller Bag type guy whenever possible, but Vimeo member Rod Guajardo seems to have a thing for backpacks. He's thrown up an entertaining review of Calumet's BP1500 which by the way looks totally awesome. I'm not sure my frame can hold up under a bag that big, is that in a size 'Mule'? Yeah i'm small, old, and fragile - but for you big burly strong fellas this bag seems to solve a lot of equipment issues. It's nice that as much it can carry, it still serves as Airplane Carry On size when traveling. [Thanks Rod]

P.S. Rod - In my next video, I may have to battle you with my own superb dance skills....LOL.

find-price-button Calumet Bp1500 Large Backpack



I can see myself having one of these attached to my Canon SX210 IS Point and Shoot camera as an extra handle for stability or setting it down on a table when i'm having dinner. This could come in handy as the handles for my Johan Rig too allowing me to set the rig down. Very neat little monopod-table top tripod-handle. Not a bad price on sale for $16.99 at Calumet.



I know many many people who dove into DSLR's simply to get that awesome new video camera with interchangeable lenses. Problem is they knew nothing about DSLR's in general. If you or anyone falls into this category, you should definitely take advantage of Calumet's around DSLR cameras.

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calumet portacube product photography

I posted about my product Photography cocoon not too long ago, but these cubes are much more portable than a cocoon design. In fact, they fold flat so traveling with them is a breeze. If you're not on the Calumet mailing list, I just got this in my email. PortaCubes are now on sale with savings of up to $21.00 dollars off normal retail price (or 30%). Three different versions of the PortaCube is based on size, starting as little as $22.00 dollars for the 16 x 16 version. These are an exclusive item from Calumet, but you can grab them through Amazon below. Have fun with those product shots.