Rod’s Calumet’s BP1500 BackPack Review

I'm more of a Roller Bag type guy whenever possible, but Vimeo member Rod Guajardo seems to have a thing for backpacks. He's thrown up an entertaining review of Calumet's BP1500 which by the way looks totally awesome. I'm not sure my frame can hold up under a bag that big, is that in a size 'Mule'? Yeah i'm small, old, and fragile - but for you big burly strong fellas this bag seems to solve a lot of equipment issues. It's nice that as much it can carry, it still serves as Airplane Carry On size when traveling. [Thanks Rod]

P.S. Rod - In my next video, I may have to battle you with my own superb dance skills....LOL.

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8 thoughts on “Rod’s Calumet’s BP1500 BackPack Review

  1. Adrien

    Thanks, great review! I am ordering one 🙂

    FYI the loops on the belt with the plastic tubes are not hand rests but equipment loops, to hold accessories like on a climbing/mountaineering harness (e.g. using carabiners).

    First time I see this kind of features on a "photo" bagpack, this definitely looks more like a hiking BP for photographers!! Just what I was looking for.

  2. Got mine last week and WOW. That's all I can say. Such a great bag. Fits my 3 DSLR bodies, 7 lenses, batteries, (2) z96 lights, and much more. I used to carry many more bags with me on shoots and now it's this bag on my back with my arms free to carry my sticks. Def worth the price.

  3. I've just received my bag today.
    All I can say is what a great bag!! It's got the same material quality than my Lowepro bags (and even more: seam sealed zippers!) and it's stuffed with many more features for about half the price.
    Thanks CheesyCam for the hint!

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  5. I've had the same bag and I have it loaded!! I carry two bodies, multiple lenses, camcorder, laptop, tripod on one side and power strip on the other. Yes, very heavy but when on securely, it just works.

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