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Between a camera backpack or roller bag, my first choice would be a Roller. It's an easy way to carry equipment without stressing out your back and shoulders. The problem is that these rollers are difficult to work with when navigating through very crowded events (like CES), so a backpack ends up being the better choice.

There are many events to attend this year, and so for those reasons we decided to look for Hybrid Camera Bags (see a list of bags considered here) that offer the best of both worlds, and that's how we ended up with the Tamrac 5797 Evolution Speed Roller Backpack.

At just under $380 dollars, it's one of the more expensive bags on our list, but we needing something durable. When traveling for several days, dealing with something as simple as a broken zipper could be all the difference. From reviewing several other products, the Tamrac 5797 Evolution Speed Roller Backpack was the best one we felt was built to last, provided the convenience of a roller, while offering the best comfort as a backpack.

There is plenty of room for a few camera bodies, several lenses, audio equipment, misc accessories, and a full sized Macbook Pro Laptop. The Tamrac 5797 Evolution Speed Roller Backpack is still sized to carry on a plane so you don't have to check your gear when you fly.

Tamrac camera Roller BackpackTamrac 5797 SpeedRoller ReviewSpeedroller Backpack Case Travel Camera Bag
find-price-button Tamrac 5797 Evolution Speed Roller Backpack - via B&H

Tamrac camera Roller BackpackTamrac 5797 SpeedRoller ReviewSpeedroller Backpack Case Travel Camera Bag
find-price-button Tamrac 5797 Evolution Speed Roller Backpack - via Amazon


Lowepro X50 Roller Bag

Here's a great little roller bag kit that normally runs well over $200 dollars. The kit can be separated into two separate bags or just used as one padded roller. The small roller can be emptied to hold clothes, and a padded insert can hold a camera body + lens with two additional lenses and room to spare for a laptop computer. On Amazon they are still listing the X50 for $213 (seen here). Currently on B&H they have a huge huge discount dropping the price down to just under $80 bucks via B&H (click here).

LowePro X50 Roller Bag KitX50 LowePro Roller BagX50 Roller Bag
find-price-button LowePro X50 Attache Padded Camera Roller Bag


Click Elite backpack standClick Elite Clip Stand

Did you know some at some places it's prohibited to use a tripod? At the same time, those places 'will allow' use of a Monopod. I wonder if the same rules apply to a Click Elite backpack with built in Camera Stand? Click Elite, best known for their camera back packs with built in camera stands are on sale at a whopping 50% off for a limited time on select models. Personally for small bags, I prefer my LowePro setup. Anything heavier, and i'm into a roller bag. But if you've been eyeballing some of the Click Elite multifunctional bags and backpacks, but were less than flattered by their high prices, this could be a small window of opportunity following this link (click here).

click elite bags
find-price-button Click Elite Bags Backpacks


I admit, i'm pretty set on bags right now so i'm out of the loop on what people are shopping for. I'm not very familiar with this Aktiv Pak AP400, but here's a review for anyone that might have been doing some research. It's quite deceiving as it looks fairly small zipped up. Once it's open it's tall enough to carry a DSLR with battery pack, and plenty of room for additional lenses and camera bodies. There's even room for what looks like a Dell XPS laptop on the backside. [Thanks Jay]

Aktiv Pak
find-price-button Aktiv Pak AP400 400 Camera Backpack (Black)


I'm more of a Roller Bag type guy whenever possible, but Vimeo member Rod Guajardo seems to have a thing for backpacks. He's thrown up an entertaining review of Calumet's BP1500 which by the way looks totally awesome. I'm not sure my frame can hold up under a bag that big, is that in a size 'Mule'? Yeah i'm small, old, and fragile - but for you big burly strong fellas this bag seems to solve a lot of equipment issues. It's nice that as much it can carry, it still serves as Airplane Carry On size when traveling. [Thanks Rod]

P.S. Rod - In my next video, I may have to battle you with my own superb dance skills....LOL.

find-price-button Calumet Bp1500 Large Backpack