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Chest Pod Camera Support

Reader Jip shares a camera support find. Taking a few tips from the big guys about Camera Shoulder Shooter designs, this 'Chest Pod' acts like a shoulder stock or placed on the knee as a monopod. There's a sling strap included so i'm not sure if it can be worn in any other configuration. Pricing is way too high for something like this, but maybe you guys can track down something cheaper, or DIY something better. [Thanks Jip]

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6 thoughts on “Small Camera Chest Pod Video Shooter

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - You might want to try something like this httpss:// For a quick test, just tape up a strap to the bottom of any monopod and then run around. This BodyPod combined with an LCDVF gives plenty of support to stabilizer many different axis. It's not a 'steadicam' so you can't run with it, but it's a stabilizer.

  2. Alex

    A light rig for using with the lcdvf is what I also was looking for.
    I shot the first clips (the first 1 min or so) in this film: with the support arm in the article above with a Tamron 28-75 (non IS lens) and a lcdvf
    It worked OK, but it was really heavy over time :/
    - alex

  3. Jip

    Thanks for your reaction.
    I will hold off from buying one myself after hearing this.
    Why I was interested in the first place was the fact that I could use it as a small portable shoulder support in combination with a LCDVF for traveling.
    But I also saw potential in making this into a 'bodypod' by using the included strap or else make something myself to support the bottom of this thing in the 'monopod' mode.
    Why I started looking for this was because I (still) can not believe this monopod stabilizing is strong enough.
    I can believe that version one (monopod cut in half) works well and I want to achieve something similar.
    But version two with just an extendable arm (which you can not lock) doesn't look like I could make steady shots with it.

    I was impressed with this video, nice and steady with almost no extra gear.
    Would be interested in a similar video with the usage of the Vidpro Monopod.

  4. Alex

    I actually bought this item months ago, however I found little use for it. It helps a little bit on stability. The screw will slightly become loose if you put some pressure on it :/
    However, it may work better with for example Sony NEX
    I doesnt handle the weight of a t2i with some quality glass on it 🙁
    I payed about 15$ for it, so 31$ is a bit expensive.
    - alex

  5. This looks like a beefier version of this manfrotto 361 chest arm, to be used with the monopod.

    The salesguys at B&H didn't know that one could be used on it's own. without the monopod.
    The biggest issue I have with the manfrotto, and I question if this Korean chestpod, is any different, is whether the ball joint that attaches to the arm pad, can be tightened.
    It's a major issue for stability on the manfrotto. Making something like that with an adjustable ball joint would be worth paying the $5. more for it.

    The build and girth of this Korean pod, might be overkill.

  6. I think this - (httpss:// works a little better, it's pretty much the same idea but there's and handle instead of having to old the camera itself. I bought a small monopod handle instead of the mini tripod and it's been working great for stabilising the hand held shots.

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