Fuji X100 Crazy Auction Prices


One the most hyped cameras finally reaching the market and yet there hasn't been as many reviews as there has been eBay auctions. The sheer scarcity and exclusiveness of this camera is commanding prices twice the original retail value. $2400 dollars is one of the highest it's sold for so far, but we'll see if that record will be topped this week. BTW, not a single one on auction right now is coming from U.S. (mainland) soil.

Sure it's a fixed lens on what some might call a Point and Shoot camera, but if you're an avid cell phone snapper (with no zoom) you'll come to realize this camera has it's place. In fact, images from the iPhone is one of the top 'cameras' on Flickr above all other DSLRs. There is definitely a confirmation of shortages with the X100, but they are still estimating last week of March to early April, so hopefully we'll see prices drop on this little beauty. For now prices are driven by bidding wars for those that just have to have it now. Check it out:

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