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It appears we're a bit blessed state side, as Marthin Nayoan is unable to get a decent deal on the Zoom H1 Portable Digital Audio Recorder. Instead Marthin is opting for Sanyo's new sexy Portable Audio recorder labeled the PCM ICR-XPS01MF (who's going to remember that name?). There's been plenty of pocket recorders in the past, but none with the audio quality of the Zoom H1's X/Y stereo mic and especially not for the $99 dollar price.

The new Sanyo PCM ICR-XPS01MF is not going to compete with the Zoom H1's price, in fact it's about three times the price. Hopefully the really sleek compact design might help break this into market. A few specs are 3 hrs recording with a 2GB microSD, and yes it has a line in. I believe it's highest quality audio recording beats the Zoom H1's marginally. My intentions were to use the Zoom H1 as a body pack with the ATR3350 Lav microphone to replace a wireless setup. The Zoom H1 does work nicely for this, but definitely not as sleek in the pocket as this new Sanyo. Unfortunately as we are blessed with the Zoom H1, we might be cursed with the Sanyo Xacti PCM ICR-XPS01MF. The Sanyo Xacti is not as easily found in our major website retailers in the US, but as with everything, available via eBay coming over seas. I'm hoping Marthin will give us a good review once it's in his hands. Here's the link with more techincal specs on the new Sanyo Xacti Portable Digital Audio Recorder PCM ICR-XPS01MF.

2 thoughts on “Sanyo’s new Pocket Audio Recorder – Sleek

  1. Vincent

    i bought this thing after i found out about its existance on this website for 70 bucks on amazon. i think its the cheapest sound recorder of its competitors.

    now, there are a few things which i need to adjust to get it really working nice:

    1. mount? any ideas as to how to mount this on the camera for use as a shotgun mic or on a rig.

    2. lav mics? i have the olympus me15 but it doesnt sound good enough. i heard the same about the audio technica budget mic. what other options are there? rode lav mic for 200 bucks? that is a lot of money for just a mic...

    3. windjammer? any ideas on a windjammer that will fit this device? does the zoom h1 windjammer fit on the sanyo? what else will?

  2. Hey Emm, hahaha.. indeed you are in a blessed state side!
    I was surprised looking at the price of that Xacti recorder on ebay, because i bought it (from a local store in Jakarta) for about $140 including its fancy stereo speaker 😀

    I still think that H1, Tascam DR-07 or H4N is way better, compare with Xacti if they sell it at $300.

    Anyway, even tho i've already got a sound recorder for shooting with DSLR, i still want to get the H1 😀

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