Sima Double L Bracket upgrade

New and Improved DIY DSLR Rig!! from Tony Carretti on Vimeo.

Tony Carretti submitted a video clip showcasing his Double L bracket Camera Stabilizer setup with a Flowpod base. Didn't sound like he was very content, so he's drummed up something new flipping the L brackets sidways into a design much more modular for his style of shooting. He does mention that his brackets are of plastic or fiberglass? Weird, mine is all metal and I have the ones show in this article: I'm curious if there's different ones available? Thanks Tony.

Sima Video Bracket with Handle + 2 Accessory Mounts

9 thoughts on “Sima Double L Bracket upgrade

  1. I messaged one of the sellers about getting a metal bracket (since I got a plastic one too last time) and they said sima is not making the metal ones anymore. This blows because I needed something more sturdy.

  2. Sir.Lloyd

    Thanks Emm I checked out that mic and saw what you were talking about. @ tony your think what I was thinking about with the led lights.When I saw your design I was like this would be cool if there were lights on each side. I dont know if ill be in San Antonio any time soon but if you in NY hit me up.

  3. Tony Carretti

    I really just put the Rode on there to show the attachment. Ideally, I would prefer to have someone with a boom so that the recording could be done off axis. I have an Audio Technica shotgun that is really much better than the Rode AND I can do a longer run with the XLR cables to the H4n. I don't know that I've ever actually used the Rode on the T2i... Tried it a few times into the Canon HFS100 and that works great, but I can control mic levels on that.

    I would like to get another LED light and balance out the rig that way. It would reduce shadows and I'd be able to reduce power on both lights to get more even exposure.

    I need to stop making stuff and actually start filming something. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone that is interested in this stuff around here and it's very frustrating having the gear and not really being able to do anything fun.

    If anyone is near San Antonio and you'd like to collaborate on a project or have an idea, I'd love to be involved.


  4. Emm

    Post author

    True that direction is off, but the rode can be turned towards the middle. The shoe on the rode allows you to adjust direction even after mounted.

  5. Tony


    ...and yes, I get that a lot...

    When I was a little younger it was Henry Rollins...

    I'm afraid to think who it will be next...



  6. Sir.Lloyd

    This is a pretty cool design. One question I do have to ask tho is about the shoutgun mic placement. Being that shotgun mics have such a narrow polar pattern why do people keep putting them off to the sides of their rigs. Take this design above for example. Wouldnt that mic be picking up a lot of background noise due to the fact its not going to be pointed directly at you subject. Just had to ask this because would it make sense to put it right on the camera's hot shoe.

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