B&H Photo Video Pre-Orders

Pre-order for Nikon D3100

I've not known B&H Photo and Video (possibly the largest Camera retailer in the US) to be big on Pre-orders. Normally it's a waiting game trying to check the website periodically for when that hot new item lands in stock. Things are slowly changing with hot item pre-orders becoming more and more popular, and it appears B&H is already on the move.

First up, the Nikon D3100. The new Nikon D3100 is priced well below even the Canon T2i and it's the long awaited 1080HD 24fps capable DSLR Nikon users have been waiting for. If you want to get a jump on this item, B&H is now taking those pre-orders. In fact many of the new lenses and kits for this Nikon D3100 DSLR are up for pre-order. Second up, all the new Apple products. Not sure how you navigate through the website for the new Apple products, but here's the direct link: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/New-from-Apple/ci/15638/N/4291059475

Apple Pre-orders at B&H

I personally don't always associate laptops and computers with B&H, but let's not forget the wide array of professional products that are available through their retail website. They cover everything from audio, video, lighting, hard drives, computers, video capture cards, and more. You might think you can grab every Apple product direct from Apple, but here's a tip. When I get the jump on gear while it's sold out everywhere else, I don't normally go direct. In fact, when I first purchased the T2i (without pre-ordering), I found it in stock at a Computer Store website. Same technique I used on a few other sold out items. Sorry guys, I'm not letting that secret fishing hole out, just in case I need to get a jump on other items. LOL. So if you're lining up at Apple for some of the new gear, you might just get it faster over at B&H.

8 thoughts on “B&H Photo Video Pre-Orders

  1. Mike


    I think you're right re: a wedding shoot. I love the depth of field the DSLRs provide, but something with AF would be preferable for events in general and weddings in particular.

    I shot a couple of events with an XH-A1. Not having something with AF would have been a nightmare!

    That said, I'm so looking forward to getting a DSLR!

  2. getem

    Dslr is great for many things, but doing an inside wedding with no lighting is not the best tool for the job, when you constantly have to focus.

    So for Joe The Videographer go and buy a video camera and leave the dslrs for Directors creating Movies. Also you will see this sensor inside of a video camera but they will cost around $5000+

    Would you get mad for trying to unscrew a screw with the wrong screwdriver , use the right tool for the job......

  3. While I would agree that I would like to be able to turn off continuous autofocus, having this feature is curcial for event video. I've shot hundreds of events over the years, and this is what kept me waiting on moving to a DSLR. You just can't tell the bride to wait until you get focus racked.

    The beautiful depth of field possible on DSLR's will be your enemy on a manual only DSLR, if you fail to keep it in focus. I think that we will soon see dedicated video cameras that combine the imagers and lenses of the current DSLRs, in a much more video friendly form factor.

  4. Mike

    "Canon Vixia HF200 that I could always use if I absolutely needed AE for something."

    I meant AF (rather than AE)

  5. Mike

    Yeah, if it offers a fully functioning AF for video that the user can turn off in lieu of manual controls, that'd be awesome.

    If it's along the lines of the Sony A55 and A33, where the AF is always on, I'd definitely have to pass.

    I've got a pre-order for a 60D, was just curious why it seems like an AF for video option that can be turned off is so hard to find in DSLRs.

    For me, if it's a choice of either/or, I'll go with the manual controls. I figure I already have a dedicated camcorder in a Canon Vixia HF200 that I could always use if I absolutely needed AE for something.

    I just wish we could get both options in a single DSLR.

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