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Pre-order for Nikon D3100

I've not known B&H Photo and Video (possibly the largest Camera retailer in the US) to be big on Pre-orders. Normally it's a waiting game trying to check the website periodically for when that hot new item lands in stock. Things are slowly changing with hot item pre-orders becoming more and more popular, and it appears B&H is already on the move.

First up, the Nikon D3100. The new Nikon D3100 is priced well below even the Canon T2i and it's the long awaited 1080HD 24fps capable DSLR Nikon users have been waiting for. If you want to get a jump on this item, B&H is now taking those pre-orders. In fact many of the new lenses and kits for this Nikon D3100 DSLR are up for pre-order. Second up, all the new Apple products. Not sure how you navigate through the website for the new Apple products, but here's the direct link: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/New-from-Apple/ci/15638/N/4291059475

Apple Pre-orders at B&H

I personally don't always associate laptops and computers with B&H, but let's not forget the wide array of professional products that are available through their retail website. They cover everything from audio, video, lighting, hard drives, computers, video capture cards, and more. You might think you can grab every Apple product direct from Apple, but here's a tip. When I get the jump on gear while it's sold out everywhere else, I don't normally go direct. In fact, when I first purchased the T2i (without pre-ordering), I found it in stock at a Computer Store website. Same technique I used on a few other sold out items. Sorry guys, I'm not letting that secret fishing hole out, just in case I need to get a jump on other items. LOL. So if you're lining up at Apple for some of the new gear, you might just get it faster over at B&H.