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Cinema5D's got the scoop on a new Redrock Micro 'Electronic View Finder' specifically designed for HD Video DSLR's. We all new this day was coming, but what I totally didn't expect was the expected price point. Wow, I really hope they can meet those goals, that's just ridiculous pricing for anything RedRock Micro. It looks very functional and I can see myself using that quite a bit. Today we had a crane shot on a roof of a building in broad daylight. It's was about 90 degrees out on a clear day, and we couldn't see crap on the monitor. Having a remote EVF like this running down a jib would have been a perfect solution. This design in remote View Finders via HDMI also means it would be cross brand compatible. Regardless of camera make and model, this should be fairly future proof. Zacuto has also admitted to be working on a new EVF, but so far nothing tangible has hit the web. Even if Zacuto does release an EVF, it would be interesting to see if pricing will be competitive with the new RedRock Micro Electronic Viewfinder. Check out the Cinema5D Video here:

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  2. They're obviously trying to get the jump on Zacuto, who have talked of similar things on other blogs. From what I remember, the Zacuto thing will work with their Zfinder eyepiece, and the monitor won't be in HD, but will be very bright none the less.
    I'm sure the price point will be similar, and just as f*cked.
    The thing that's great about all of this new technology, is that we're boys (and girls), who like new toys. especially if they'll make our lives easier, in a shoot. But the gear is changing very quickly. and what seems vital today, might be outdated in months.. The cycle is moving quicker than it used to. from new to the dumpster.
    I'm all for the chips embedded in the head for camera controls...
    Luckily Cheesy Dude is constantly finding the cheapest work arounds to most things, and am grateful for his vigilance.
    although the Home Depot rail attachment for the chips in the head might be a little scary.

  3. Neil

    This viewfinder is all fine and dandy but... I'm losing faith in Red Rock. Don't get me wrong, their stuff is really well designed and reliable but why do they keep announcing products that then take forever and a day to actually come out? They're beginning to look like RED (does Epic or Scarlet actually exist or is part of some crazy April Fool that someone forgot to reveal?).

    Red Rock are going head to head with Zacuto - they're like the Nikon and Canon of the EVF race, I think Red Rock knows that Zacuto is working on a new VF solution and were determined to throw something out there first. Personally, I think they're throwing like a lil girl with this - It's a cardboard mock-up for Christ's sake! And now they'll have everyone waiting for it to come out and at the same time not buying Zacuto when theirs is eventually released.

  4. Nate H.

    I am so excited once this product is out! It will be nice when electronic follow focus can be integrated in with the viewfinder itself... and more specifically, when you can attach diodes to your brain and control your rack focus without any fiddling with buttons.

  5. Menno

    So will you be paying $600 for the electronic view finder with a follow focus, or do you need to buy it with a follow focus.
    If that is so, can you use this Electronic View Finder for a Jag35 follow focus?

  6. Charlie cheng

    it's cool and useful tools. We use something like this when i was in the marines to look around the the corner. Anyway for what they are charging for them is a fking rip off if you ask me.

  7. PaulP

    wow, almost 24 hours after I ordered my Lilliput and a frustrating shoot in the sun!! Seriously this looks great. Might have to get both. We work to buy more stuff to work with right?

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