View Finder to Fit Canon 550D / T2i Correctly

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Thanks to a few people for leaving some comments on this item. It's a new view finder loupe on the market that is said to fit the aspect ratio of the Canon 550D / T2i perfectly with no crop. Looks like a similar design we've seen before but now with a custom fit and no signs of 'infringement' here. There's currently only one other view finder that claims to be designed specifically for this Canon 550D, so this opens up another option for T2i owners. For those who are daring enough to attach the magnet frame onto the Canon 60D, it should be the exact same fit. Here's the link: View Finder 4 Canon 550D / T2i

30 thoughts on “View Finder to Fit Canon 550D / T2i Correctly

  1. Anyone having problems with the viewfinder actually STAYING PUT on the magnetic frame? If I bump this ever so slightly... it falls off. If I move just a little to either direction, while pressing my face/eye against it, it might fall off I'm not super careful..

    Anyone have these problems? Anyone NOT have these problems when using the OFFICIAL LCDVF for T2i?

  2. Matias

    If the combination GGS lcd cover + adhesive frame + LCDVF clone does alomst no crop of the T2i LCD, I9 think I'll go with that combo.

  3. If only there was a cheap (eBay?) way to get the official LCDVF 3/2 I'd be happy. I'm not paying exuberant amounts of money for shipping and over-tax when buying from a big online US store. The few stores in Denmark that have these charge $265+ which is insane for a piece of glass in a plastic cup.

  4. More on this..... the quality is crap, and if you bump it ever so slightly while it's magnetically attached to the frame, it will fall off. Optics are kind of cheap... and I cleaned the magnifier glass and it's still speckled/scuffed whatever... I don't like the felt inside because it makes it hard to clean.

    Does the OFFICIAL LCDVF (the one from Glidetrack's site) fit, magnetically, to this frame? Are the frames identical?

    If I were to replace this VF with the official one, how hard is it to remove the sticky frame from my Canon T2i body? Has anyone tried? Thanks!!!

  5. Yvan

    after only one day of use all the painting of the frame was removed!?!?!! very bad paint!! now the frame glued to the camera is iron color.. and the glue is not enough strong.. the frame is moving.. and i do a correct installation but... is not 3M glue.
    The surface who contact to the frame is broking.. this surface is made of paint with small hairs (i dont now the name, sorry of my bad english).
    by the rest the "CAPA V-Finder" works ok.. but maby i should buy the digifinder pro by the same price.

  6. Yvan

    Hello! iยดve buy one for my 550D t2i in Spain, it fits perfect, the image is clear and it works very nice, but the quality of the product is a bit poor, the magnectic surface is iregular and the painture brokes very easy.. ๐Ÿ™
    it comes with no bag and only one frame, the eyecup is big and nice and the lens is good.

    Works fine but poor quality construction (sorry about my bad english ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Andy

    Has anyone actually bought one of these to confirm the fit on the 500D? Someone commented that the magnet isn't as strong as the Meike (I have the screen protector, which is supposed to virtually eliminate the 1mm crop on each side).

  8. Just got this today..... I like it. The magnet's not that strong and the magnifier was a bit dirty with fingerprints, but after cleaning, it's great. I might upgrade to the official LCDVF from Glidetrack later on.... but for now, this should suffice.

    Worth it, in my opinion, even though the seller promised "expedited shipping" (2 day priority) - it took a week to get here in the Philly area.

  9. kumar

    Have it. Bought it local since I live in Houston. Fits T2i perfectly for those who are wondering. Seller says out of stock but should be getting more soon. Wont be surprised if he raises the price (the Emm effect!)

  10. Eirik

    If i buy the LCDVF Replica for the 5D/500D/7D it will get cropped by 1mm on each side on my t2i?

    how much is that, and does it matter? is it a problem for some?

  11. Eirik

    If i buy the LCDVF Replica for the 5D/500D/7D it will get cropped by 1mm on each side?

    how much is that, and does it matter? is it a problem for some?

  12. Zach

    Ah man, that's what I get for forgetting to check your blog over the weekend. Good find anyhow. Thanks for the heads up.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    This article you are commenting on seems to be the cheapest that would fit the 60D. You'd have to be willing to lose the ability to flip the LCD backwards into the camera. And I also suggest you don't use the LCD viewfinder while the LCD is hanging out. Too much pressure might break the hinge.

  14. alex

    so reading the description on the website (Ebaylink)it says: how can it be comparable with 5DMII if it should fit the T2i??? can anyone explain that to me, or is it like the LCDF and does not quite fit 100% ? ?

    "Compatible With

    All 3" LCD Camera / Camcorder, Specificly design for Canon 5D mark II ( great accessory which good for taking vedio)"

  15. Emm

    Post author

    The LCW is not lighter. The diopter is made of solid metal and heavy glass. It's high quality stuff which adds some weight.

  16. So for some one getting a 60D would you recommend this viewfinder or the LCW? Is the LCW lighter weight since it is silicone (which might help with having the LCD flipped open?), or does the glass / diopter make up for that? I wear glasses so am interested in the diopter, though don't have too high a prescription so might be ok without one.

  17. If still in stock on Thursday, I'm probably getting one of these. Since I don't see any reviews (understandable), I will definitely test it out and update everybody on here, unless someone beats me to it.

    Good find!

  18. Son

    Figured I would chime in as I have gotten so much good advice from this site. I just got mine from this seller. Emailed a couple guys who had ordered from him and they said it was good so I took the chance. Quality is good. Image from the magnifier thing is clear and the eye cup is bigger than i thought. Does a good job of keeping the light out. Ran around the house with it practicing and I like it. Good deal for the price. I have no idea how it compares to other loupes but I'm happy with it.

  19. I have the 7D version of this viewfinder. I have it attached to so that I wouldn't have to alter the camera. I don't love the way everything is put together, but I can't really compare it to everything else. The cup has doesn't stay in place very well, but it serves its purpose. Are there reports of the magnets harming cameras?

  20. kent

    Great find! I've been waiting for a cheaper version of this LCDVF. Perfect timing for my vacation in a few weeks.

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