I’m late, but should be worth it.

Running a bit late on the shoot today, but we wanted to have a rail longer than a 4ft. slider. Ran over to Home Depot and quickly assembled a raised dolly track fit for the SpiderTrax Video Dolly. Everything comes right off the shelf, clamps together securely, pretty portable (except for the long rails). The stock wheels fit perfectly inside the Strut channel (same one used in the Cheesycam DSLR Fig Rig Cage). I'm a bit late, but these longer dolly shots should add more worth to this project. Ok, i'm out, but will have some fun BTS video of this shoot soon.

Below: Click for SpiderTrax Rotating Video Dolly Pricing

12 thoughts on “I’m late, but should be worth it.

  1. craig

    I wonder if this could be extended by adding more Unistrut? or if it would be too difficult to transition the two pieces together.

    a 16 ft dolly shot done in this way would be killer in my studio!


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  3. Emm! NOOOOOOO don't leave yet. you need another saw horse in the middle!
    When you put the head on and the camera/lens/monitor it'll weigh down on the tracks and dip slightly in the middle


  4. Aaron

    Emm, this is freaking GENIUS! So much less expensive and more versatile than the current rail systems out there. Well done.

  5. This is pretty awesome! We built a ladder dolly that is essentially the same as this and it works VERY well.

    I look forward to seeing the final shots.

  6. Alam

    Looking good.. you're going to show us the final video when post prod is complete right?

    Also any plans to make the movements along the track "equal", as in make sure it moves at exactly X feet/minute along the track?

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