LCD (Intervalometer) Time Lapse Battery Grips

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LCD Timer Battery grips aren't new, but there are some new ones showing up on the market for the Canon 7D, Canon 5D Mark II, and Canon 550D / T2i, and even newer Nikon DSLR's also. The LCD in the battery grip provides settings for (Intervalomter) Time Lapse functions. It's quite handy to have the Timer Remote feature already in the camera, for those spontaneous timelapse moments. There does appear to be some limitations to the internal timer functions, but if you're spontaneous, I doub't you'll want to spend a few hours with your camera in one spot. Here's some additional specs:

  • LCD screen (back ground light) with Date/ time/ stopwatch function.
  • Standard vertical shutter button with on/off switch on the grip and infrared remote sensor.
  • Built-in storage compartment for Canon 5D Mark II battery door and tripod mounting thread.
  • Holds one or two Li-Ion batteries, you don't need to take the grip off.
  • Functions as a timer remote and can be programmed to function as an interval met
  • Design for group, macro, long exposures, continuous, motion shooting, etc.
  • Energy saving design, can be use for long time
  • Shutter Lag (MAX : 99h 59m 59s), Exposure Length (MAX: 99h 59m 59s), Shooting Circulation (MAX: 99 times)
  • These battery grips sure do look a lot 'fancier' than the the standard grip, and contains all the basic features of the regular grips, but there still might some limitations to the internal Timelapse (Intervalometer) features. If you want to dish out a few more dollars though, you can have something that stands out from the regular grips. Check out the line of LCD battery grips with built in Time Lapse Remote Function.

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    1. Emm

      Post author

      Yes, there are many other options. Just search my blog for 'timer remote'. I think this battery grip is just a novelty, holds batteries, has a nice screen, and option for intervalometer. If you're a serious timelapse guy then you'll get the external remote option.

    2. craig

      Is there a reason why these intervelometers only do 99 frames?
      Isn't that kinda useless?

      other there options out there that will allow one to shoot more?

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    4. Task514

      Yeah where's for the 550d/T2i/KissX4 ??

      and yeah please email, don't post it here yet 😉
      (price will go up) haha

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