iPad Shipment Notification – Umm???

iPad Shipping Notification shipment

Well, I did receive a nice little email from Apple today. The elusive Apple iPad is on it's way! Oh yeah!! As you can tell i've opted in for the 64GB version $699.00 + the nice leather cover + Apple Care warranty + tax = Just shy of $1,000 US.

Wow i'm so excited! You know I jumped on the pre-order as soon as they announced it so I can use it for.....Umm...Err...Uhhh....Well, you know because compared to the iPhone I already have it does.......Umm..Err....Uhh..., well I guess I could always use it for....hmm....uhh....Crap! What the heck did I order this thing for? Damn you Steve Jobs!! Damn you!!! You've charmed your ways into my wallet once again!! Well, I'll throw up a video of 'unboxing' as soon as I get it...then throw it back on eBay or something. Who knows...

One thought on “iPad Shipment Notification – Umm???

  1. hassan

    haha im betting you can probably make a nice ROI if you throw it on ebay as soon as you get it

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