IndieHardware Stabilizer Mod

Aaron of Winnipeg shows us how he mods the IndieHardware Video Camera stabilizer. This is one of the cheapest stabilizers I've reviewed on this blog that was able to balance a 5D Mark II + Sigma 20mm Lens. That's about all I was willing to push, but Aaron's managed to practically double that up while still using the stock Gimbal. The mods to add a Lilliput 7" monitor to the little stabilizer allows Aaron to add more weight to the top with a T2i + Battery Grip and 17-55mm F/2.8 IS lens (nice lens). He's also added a new handle which is one of the most common complaints on this particular stabilizer, replacing it with one from an old Flash Bracket . The video is a bit long, but all good information, so stick through it and hopefully get some ideas. Also note that the IndieHardware stabilizer is always in and out of stock, but you can check current pricing and if it's available below.

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4 thoughts on “IndieHardware Stabilizer Mod

  1. Tery

    Please share where you got your handle from or atleast the type of handle it is. I wanna buy this but I wanna make the mods exactly like you have it in the video. Please. Thanks in advance for tour help

  2. Karel

    I just got the indieHardwear a day a go and am having trouble stabilizing it. I have the t2i on it with the kit lense. Can anyone give me some pointers with the it! Thanks. Btw that setup is amazing. It's nice to know you can tern something that's $89 to something like $200 lol

  3. Aaron

    Yeah, it's definitely finicky. When balancing it left-right you have to move the monitor ever so slightly. When I got it balanced it seemed like a fluke to be honest!

  4. Just tried something similar.
    Canon t2i with a tokina 12-24mm lens and a lilliput monitor at the bottom. very interesting idea!! needs some tweaks, but doable.

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