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Pistol Grip Vintage Camera
Mock DSLR Vintage Grip

Slap on a Pistol Grip handle to your DSLR and you've got the feel of a Vintage shooter. These little handles are especially effective when combined with an LCD View Finder for another solid point of contact. Anyone thinking what i'm thinking? Yeah I think they are just begging to be DIY'd and Modified with a built in remote button to start / stop video, or even just a plain shutter release for Photography. Any takers? If so, here's an article to give you a head start http://cheesycam.com/diy-remote-video-trigger-for-canon-dslrs/

find-price-button BARSKA Accu Grip Camera Handle

The Barska Camera handle was probably the most popular pistol grip stabilizer, but Opteka's got their own now. If it wasn't for the recent price drop of the Barska, they would be going head to head on price. Opteka's new Pistol Grip handle is just a few dollars higher now, but it does come with a QR feature to quickly remove the handle from the camera body. Barska's Pistol grip has a solid alignment pin that needs DIY extraction before it can be used on a DSLR, and that for Barska could be the 'deal breaker'. Either way, these are excellent cheap little stabilizer additions for run-and-gun shooters....

find-price-button Opteka Pistol Grip Camera Stabilizer

[Update] Apparently there is a handle with a Trigger [Thanks Casper], but the price is pretty steep. They've listed them as compatible with Canon, Sony, Nikon, and Panasonic cameras, but I can't imagine the Video mode being triggered through a hard wire. Canon's can only start / stop video through infrared. The cable is probably there for the shutter release, for other camera models maybe it can actually start video mode.... Found below.

video triggerScreen shot 2011-05-08 at 7.35.37 AM
find-price-button Video Trigger Hand Grip for Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony

18 thoughts on “Pistol Grip Camera Stabilizer Handles

  1. @Emm- you really head of game 🙂 yes the RAM ball is bigger (1" but still fits to the camera standard 1/4 -20 stud and simplis). I bought the simolis solo and use both ball sizes but I guess optimal would be to buy only the simplis and then go with RAM/ kayalu accessories for a economy solution on simplis. I'm skipping standard rods and rigging and try to manage with these sticks and grips for all solutions. Brainstorming on a FF solution but so far the lever solution is a go, especially with the barska grip on left side. Too long comment? Thanks anyway Emm for a super good website!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Casper - I've seen that one before too. Looks pretty similar, but doesn't seem to terminate to the proper 1/4x20" ball. I guess you would need to just buy extra ones?

  3. I own a 2nd Hand ST grip and I used it on my T2i and I can say that it doesn't really help much. With a heavy lens and a LCD loupe attached, it becomes very top heavy. You have to grip a the camera with the right hand and grab the pistol grip with the left to get some stability. It just gets awkward to carry after a while. Good thing is the ST Grip has another screw base at the bottom which you can attach a monopod or to a tripod. These handles I find work better with smaller compact or mirror-less cameras.

  4. Hey Emm. I have the one with the wire release for the GH2 and it works for both start/stop of video as well as a shutter release in photo mode.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - Thanks, I might have to test this out on my GF2. That camera is pretty small to hold on to.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Olphus @Casper - Check out my Simplis Rig httpss://cheesycam.com/60d-on-cinevate-base-rails-follow-focus-cyclops/

  7. Tony

    I can confirm that the bottom one with the "trigger" really does start/stop video. I've used it on my GH1 successfully. It will only do it while you're in dedicated movie mode though. When I have the dial on a custom setting, even though it is set up for video, it will only trigger a still.

  8. Hi Rjett,
    No, I'm not there yet 🙂 I think thats a challenge beyond my skills. Btw trigger works fine on GH2 in video for stop/start and new Barskas doesn't have the " needle" pin anymore, so no DIY removal needed. Both handles has threads at bottom. I have attached to my simplis from bottom and left the top of handle for mic or other accessories. C

  9. Casper, Have you been able to use the remote on your pistol grip and an audio input at the same time? If so, please share. Thanks, Rj

  10. Pete McK

    Has anyone built a pistol grip with an IR remote trigger that would work on a 60D?

  11. Rabi

    I've played around with using the mic stand adapter that comes with the H4n as a pistol grip. It's interesting, but I'm not entirely sold on the concept.

  12. Forgot to add that a RAM mount ball and a grip will make a good startingpoint for DIY or even with the Cinevate simplis plate that I have found as good basis to build a very versitile system upon. Cheers. Casper the friendly ghost 🙂

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