iDC Canon 60D LCD View Finder Base Plate

Trying to get a ViewFinder on a Canon 60D? iDC has an answer, but you may not like the price. It's over $200 dollars for a baseplate that screws under the camera and comes with a Hoodman Loupe. IMO, I think the price is pretty high for something like a small Hoodman. Will it fit the new Canon T3i / 600D also? Doubt it, but that's a question for iDC. For the patient ones, I've already heard a few companies coming out with 'universal' base plate LCD ViewFinder adapters to fit any camera - and for a budget price. Just letting you know in case some of you might want to hold out. For the ones who need this as of 'yesterday' there's more information about the IDC Canon 60D baseplate, pricing, and availability below.

find-price-buttoniDC Canon 60D LCD View Finder BasePlate

8 thoughts on “iDC Canon 60D LCD View Finder Base Plate

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Larry - Nothing yet, but Varavon has an armor rig for the GH2 flipped out screen.

  2. Larry

    Is there a viewfinder for the 60D that functions when the LCD is flipped outside the cam body? This is what I really need; otherwise I might as well have the 5D/7D.

  3. ed

    I have a IDC followfocus rig and viewfinder for my 60d. Their stuff is pricey, but VERY well made. The machined aluminum is gorgeous and the finish is a silky matte. IDC is pricey, yes- but they don't beat Zacuto in terms of price gouging

  4. I have this plate for my 60D. No doubt it's expensive but's it's very well made. I bought it with the hoodman and had to return the hoodman portion--just didn't work with my eyes and my face. I eventually wound up buying the Zacuto, it also is very expensive but works great. One thing I will say about IDC that I like is that there gear is super small--it's sort of invisible on your camera so if you want to be a bit more discrete with your rig and pack up things small i think it works very well. Also I would say their friction focus works very good with lenses that are designed for auto-focus or have a short through although they are not so great for Zeiss Primes where a geared focus will come in handy. Just like Zacuto I think IDC is designed for a certain part of the market more focused on compactness and durability. Probably not the best budget investment for a hobbiest, but I have found I use their plate and follow focus all the time, it never comes off my camera.

  5. amjad

    sadly IDC are going over the top, I've been in contact with them over last year, trying to work out a rig to work with the 550D with battery grip, couldn't sort anything out, and I think they have discounted the 550D from any future plans, but what they always said is that an IDC product is like a fine italian suit made to fit perfectly, that is a nice notion but the pricing and limited product range and adaptability is holding them back, I probably go as far as saying they are too small, and he economies of scale don't help.

  6. Lindenberg

    I’ve got a 60D and it seems more challenging to find many options when it comes to viewfinders and base plates. I’m just gonna wait a little more... the gear for dslr cameras blossoms in variety and price and I’m sure that somebody will come with more interesting solutions for the 60D in this aspect.

  7. Serge

    HAHAHAHAHA! What are they smoking?

    Demand cant possibly be that high for them to aim it as a "Look you need this and your gonna pay for it" item.

  8. I researched this over and over again, I even spoke to the peeps there. But I decided to fork out $349 for the Letus Hawk VF, I just looks so much better with the quick release. I will post a review on my BLOG. BTW, one cool thing about the iDC baseplate is that you can swap it with a Zacuto viewfinder if you have one already and the baseplate is only $99 if thats all you need.

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