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Trying to get a ViewFinder on a Canon 60D? iDC has an answer, but you may not like the price. It's over $200 dollars for a baseplate that screws under the camera and comes with a Hoodman Loupe. IMO, I think the price is pretty high for something like a small Hoodman. Will it fit the new Canon T3i / 600D also? Doubt it, but that's a question for iDC. For the patient ones, I've already heard a few companies coming out with 'universal' base plate LCD ViewFinder adapters to fit any camera - and for a budget price. Just letting you know in case some of you might want to hold out. For the ones who need this as of 'yesterday' there's more information about the IDC Canon 60D baseplate, pricing, and availability below.

find-price-buttoniDC Canon 60D LCD View Finder BasePlate