HOT – 240 LED Bi-Color LED Video Lights

Not sure how many people remember the 240 Bi-Color Dimmable LED Video light I posted about a short while back. It was a mysterious 240 LED light that showed up on eBay, and the moment I posted about it, it disappeared. Never to be heard from again. Well these 240 LED lights are back online, and now with some new options. My original 240 LED light from eBay did not come with a way to power it up. Luckily I had the correct Sony battery and charger from another set of lights. This was a huge deal breaker for some that didn't use Sony batteries in their work flow.

OTCM (5 of 5)

This time the 240 LED light comes with or or without barndoors ($6 dollars cheaper without). They come standard with a Magenta (minus green) filter and a metal hotshoe ball mount. You can power the 240 LED light with a single Sony NPF style battery, or a Panasonic with an included adapter. One thing that grabbed my attention was a very very cool AA battery adapter case that turns 6 AA batteries into a Sony NPF style battery. Deal breaker no more!

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I've never posted such an adapter thing on this blog, but damn I sure did need something like this! A battery case like this can be used to power any other NPF accessory like some external monitors, the 277, the 312 LED, and more. To my knowledge (and i've seen quite a bit), these are the cheapest color changing LED video lights today. As usual, it's on the blog today, we'll see how long they last..

find-price-button 240 Dimmable Color Changing LED Video Light with Barndoors

find-price-button 240 Dimmable Color Changing LED Video Light without Barndoors

22 thoughts on “HOT – 240 LED Bi-Color LED Video Lights

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  2. Has anyone seen the version that takes Canon LP-E6 battery? I know one place that sell it but didn find it anywhere else. Nothing wrong with the first place but would be nice to compare prices.

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  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Sheldon - Flickering only happens when the batteries get low. Just keep fresh batteries.

  5. Sheldon

    Okay thank you Emm, the only think I have worry about is the flicker...problem with the batteries just like the z96

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Sheldon - My GoPro didn't last as long as the AA batteries in the light. I stopped the test and will try again, but it's definitely more than an 1.5 hours full power.

  7. Andrew Wood

    Any idea where we can get those AA adapter cases separately? They'd make my life so much easier

  8. Rob

    Luke, check out the 312 light. It has great output, adjustable color temp and can use AC, though you have to buy that separately. It also comes with batteries and charger.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Luke - It's pretty close, the Z96 has some crazy output. The Z96 will require gels to match lighting and that will really cut down on the output. Using a Bi-Color light may not require gels all the time and so it would have more of an output.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Luke - The Z96 is still getting great reviews and if you don't need to dial in color or mix, it's a great choice. Yes these 240's are really nice for the price, if you find yourself needing to blend in fill light.

  11. Luke

    Is this the best light of this type for the money? I need to pickup a light soon, but there are so many options right now.

    I don't have any batteries, so I'd be using the 6AA option for a while. Would there be a way to hack it for a wall adapter?

    Also, what would be your second choice light after this one? Hoping to buy today through your links!

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Trevor - You might be looking at a different model. As far as I've seen these 240's never came with any of those options.

  13. Trevor

    Hey Emm,

    When you last posted about these you showed they were the same as the Stellar Light that B&H sells. I've seen the Stellar light kit pop up in some stores in LA but it has some extras like a Canon battery adapter and I think even a DC adapter and some extra filters.

    I just bought this light on Amazon but obviously it doesn't have those pieces. Do you know where I could possibly track down those individual plates/adapters? Possibly from an original manufacturer?

    Thanks man

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @roman - I don't know where else to find these, so not sure if any sellers will go to europe.

  15. Sheldon

    mhmmmm want to pick this up but it all depends on how long those lights last with batteries.

    Does it has dc ouput, didn't see any in the video, just making sure.

  16. Rob

    These look great and pretty cheap as well! I'm going to have to pick one or two. Love that they actually come with the minus green filter. Very nice!

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