The SmallHD DP6 is a serious monitor with some seriously cool features. The price tag may not hit home for the starting shooter, but if you're shopping for a monitor around the 5" mark, the SmallHD puts most others to shame. We're not talking your average 800x480 resolution (yes check those LCD specs carefully), we're talking about a true HD display at 1280x800. The housing is milled aluminum, much like how a MacBook pro is built. It's solid, but at the same time lightweight. Especially if you're shooting with Canon, the DP6 monitor has special features designed to scale video signals for Canon DSLRs which don't usually output in Full HD.


Don't be afraid to step into something that could get outdated quickly. SmallHD has put some forward thinking into their products with a USB port and 2GB thumb drive to make sure you can download and install any new firmware updates. Two features you won't find in cheaper monitors include False Color to help you check for clipping blacks or blown highlights, Peaking to help you ensure things are in focus. If you rely heavily on external monitoring from your video camera, you'll need something better than good, and the SmallHD is a great solid product. SmallHD will also be releasing a new DP4 - 4" LCD specifically designed to be used with a ViewFinder Loupe entering the EVF market. More about SmallHD products can be found at

9 thoughts on “SmallHD DP6 HDMI LCD

  1. sigmund

    any comparison between the marshall vs this? the marshall is at 500 and im looking at these two. just want to make sure that the difference is not really that huge in terms of use.
    i just dont want to get burned on this, i.e. konova vs cinevate atlas 10 kind of thing

  2. Frank Bongers

    We use the Small HD, and it's just awesome. Compared to the Lilliput we just bought, it's even more awesome. It's incredibly sharp, has a lot of features that aren't avaible on the camera - unless you use a Magic Lantern firmware (focus peaking, false color) ... it's a very good investment in my opinion.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Nitsan - I wanted an Atomos too, but i'm starting to think they don't really exist. LOL. One problem is that Canon DSLR's don't have a clean HDMI so the Atomos won't really benefit me. Another thing is that it's not displaying in HD, does not have Focus Peaking, or Exposure control. It's pretty much a capture box and without clean HDMI from Canon it's not worth getting. Not to mention they pulled it back from ever being released..

  4. Tony Maceo

    Cutting edge monitors at wholesale prices backed by their famous customer service? If $900 is wholesale...I sure hate to see store retail. And I'd gladly trade someone famous for india csr at a cheaper price 🙂 To quote, "The housing is milled aluminum, much like how a MacBook pro is built." And it seems to be priced accordingly, SmallHD would be wise to offer a cheaper chinese-built plastic case for those who dont necessarily need the ruggedness or exotic aluminum. Not all of us are thrashing and banging ext. monitors around. 5.6" @ 1280x800...yes that a "Small HD" probably a little too small for my old eyes.

  5. Yin

    It looks REALLY awesome.
    But with the big price tag of $900 and $1300?
    I think I will pass, no thanks.

    If I had that much budget for a monitor, I wouldn't buy this either. Probably pick up a nice model of Marshall. I think their marketing is way off.

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