DIY PVC Shoulder Rig – Revisited

Vimeo member Josh Donnelly revisits the​ DIY PVC shoulder rig article. A reminder that if you're not mounting accessories that require 15mm rails, this is a good start for DSLR Video stabilization. This has to be one of the best DIY PVC shoulder rig designs providing a wide enough area to rest over the shoulder, can be counterweighted in the rear, and have wide handles. If you're not permanently gluing the PVC together, the rig can break down for traveling. There's some additional information following the details of Josh's Vimeo video description and an older article featured in this blog here: [Thanks Josh]

3 thoughts on “DIY PVC Shoulder Rig – Revisited

  1. deadchannel

    Dear HD-tography,

    Get a blog of your own. Just because you fear you can't make something that will keep your camera safe doesn't mean the majority of the people who read this blog are as incompetent at doing diy projects as you seem to fear you are.

    Not to belittle you for belittling the readers of this blog, but...

  2. bulb

    maybe you wouldn't put your gear on your DIY but someone with respectable craftsmanship and confidence in their work could feel completely safe doing it.

  3. HD-tography

    LOL... hmmm modern huh... OK... I gotta give them credit though, everyone has to start somewhere... it's usually kids building this stuff though... however I do question if they could afford a pricey HDSLR why would you risk it on DIY PVC?

    You can get into an decent entry level rig for $150-$200... honestly IMO if I couldn't afford it right away I would rather shoot handheld over putting my camera and lenses at risk. Builder Beware.

    Here's a thought, if you need some stabilization on a budget, even if you brace your arms tight to your body and spend $45 on a cheapo LCDVF knockoff as a third point of contact, you will get decent results... if you have a few bucks more pick up a really sturdy pistol grip from Cinevate for under $30 (I ran into them surprisingly at a local camera shop and they are built better than most other cheap handles I've seen, I instantly thought of cheesycam readers who are always looking for a bargain) and if you even got a few pennies more saved add a Manfrotto 361 Shoulder Brace/Gunstock (not the most sturdy stock in the world but it does ok)... Voilà! Ultra budget stabilization that is trust worthy and remains respectable in appearance.

    Come to think of it, you posted about this a while back Emm: httpss://

    Not to belittle the DIYers out there, I'm occasionally one myself, I just fear for their poor cameras on these PVC contraptions.

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