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find-price-button LED Video Light Panel Carry Case

Chris writes in and shares this find. Apparently there's travel bags available for the 1200 LED video lights. It definitely makes it easier to get a handle on and keeps the barndoors and switches from snagging, but doesn't look super duper padded. The size of the bag is 19"L x 16"H x 3"W, so if you've got other LED panels in that range, it would be a good fit. Chris also mentions there's a price drop on the 1200 LED video lights. I like either the 600 or 900 only because it can be optionally powered via Battery. But if you want something larger like the 1200, those can be found below. [Thanks Chris]

find-price-button 1200 LED Video Light Panel

5 thoughts on “LED Light Panel Carry Bags

  1. tm

    I just found a box at ikea that holds three of these barely; it's designed for keeping things under your bed. I am finding it's too unwieldly to bring into the field so about to return it, and go back to my old way of storing these:

    Those plastic storage crates that people use for their attics or art show booths are cheap and hold two of the 1200's with yokes attached, if you angle them upwards. And there's plenty of extra space for cords and accessories. I've got my set of three with accessories in two such boxes. They are easily available at costco, target, walmart, or any of the big box hardware stores for about $15 each.

  2. eiker_ir

    anyone knows or found any other good options to store and/or transport the 1200s? any help is appreciated 🙂

  3. Tm

    The yokes make the 1200's bigger than most laptops (how many are 16" deep?) but if you are willing and able to store the yokes seperately you can find lots of things that will hold these.

    If these bags were sized to hold two or three I'd buy one.

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